GF Vip 2021, the report cards of the episode of February 22, 2021

GF Vip 2021, the report cards of the episode of February 22, 2021

Twists and turns and strong emotions in the episode of the "GF Vip" on February 22, 2021: Dayane declares himself and Zenga leaves the House

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Accounts and new choices in the February 22 episode of the GF Vip. At the center of the live broadcast with Alfonso Signorini was the clash between Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò, first friends, then enemies due to the arrival of Andrea Zenga. There are only a few days left to the end of the reality show and the tension is growing, between strategies, difficult decisions and the desire of the competitors to triumph. As always, Alfonso Signorini is a skilled conductor who moves between tears and smiles, demonstrating an innate ability to grasp the nuances of the human soul.

Let's discover the cult moments and the report cards of the protagonists of the episode of the 22nd February of the GF Vip.

DAYANE MELLO – The complex relationship between Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò ended, once again, at the center of the live broadcast. The Brazilian model revealed, for the first time, her feelings for her friend. "I think for a moment I really felt a love for her – he confessed -. Maybe I only tried it once for another woman. It didn't blossom because I didn't jump in and neither did she. I didn't consider living a love story, I simply gave all my affection. Things have to come about by themselves. I didn't force and nothing was born. I don't think anything will be born between us out of here. She is in love with Zenga. I have a daughter, a life ”. Rosalinda, who followed the confession from afar, welcomed her friend with a hug. “You don't cease to amaze me – he said -. I didn't expect those words. I'm sorry if I was unable to correspond, to understand what you wanted me to understand. But you made me understand one thing about myself: I love the head more than sex. And somehow I loved you and I love you ”. Fragile yet strong, strategist, but sincere: Dayane is everything and the opposite of everything. Once again the model has blown us away and it is impossible not to cheer for her who, for many, is already the winner of the GF Vip. VOTE: 7.

TOMMASO ZORZI – Zorzi is a deep guy, but also able to give moments of great lightness. He did it, once again, in the new episode of GF Vip, thanks to a joke by Alfonso Signorini. The influencer in fact received a fake announcement of the extension of the show. After an initial moment of shock, Tommaso immediately declared that he wanted to leave the reality show. "I arrived. I'm leaving – he said shocked -. I gave my soul and I always accepted the extension but this time no. I have to calibrate myself based on what I can still give, I'm honest ”. At that point the conductor of the GF Vip replied: "I don't care about your honesty, because this is a joke!". The final will be on March 1st and for sure Tommaso will be remembered as a competitor who left his mark in the history of reality TV. VOTE: 9.

STEFANIA ORLANDO – Together with Tommaso, Stefania was among the most beloved contestants in reality TV, thanks to a good dose of sincerity and great strength. This is why everyone was surprised by the choice of finalists who put her in the televoting clash with Rosalinda Cannavò, another much appreciated character. "If I had to choose Stefania and Rosalinda I would still send my friend in nomination – declared Dayane -. I choose Rosalinda and Stefania. I give up choosing Samantha because she was the most linear, the one who loved me most. The fact that Rosalinda is with Stefania forces me to send her in nomination ”. Pretelli, on the other hand, stated: "Unfortunately, the choice is quite obvious: I protect my brother Andrea". Finally Tommaso Zorzi concluded: “I'm sending Samantha and Andrea to televoting, Stefania has been nominated for two weeks and I want to save her a third week like this”. Many are convinced that Orlando deserves the victory in this GF Vip. Certainly the presenter has never been afraid to say what she thought and to expose herself, often even at the cost of being uncomfortable and risking elimination. VOTE: 8.

ANDREA ZENGA – The story with Rosalinda was not enough to save Andrea Zenga from elimination. Walter Zenga's son left the reality show losing the clash with Samantha De Grenet and Stefania Orlando. Despite the few preferences, there is no doubt that Andrea managed to score this GF Vip in a few months of staying in the House. "An intense experience. Tomorrow I'll call dad – he confessed -. In love with Rosalinda? Well, that's a big word, it's been a week ago. But surely that's something I'll take out. I'm shy and experiencing this in front of the cameras made me look like a light pole ”. Always polite, never over the top and sweet: we liked Andrea in this GF Vip. VOTE: 8.

SAMANTHA DE GRENET – No one would ever have said it, but the showgirl, who entered the reality series, has passed several nominations unscathed, thanks to the great affection of the public. Maternal and sincere, never excessive, Samantha was able to win over the tenants of the Cinecittà loft. Light when needed, but also capable of turning into a shoulder to cry on and a faithful friend, De Grenet is among the most popular competitors of this edition of the GF Vip. This is demonstrated by his televoting victory against Andrea Zenga, despite the love story of Walter's son with Rosalinda Cannavò. Samantha never backed down and always said what she thought, but with great grace, becoming Tommaso Zorzi's favorite and even conquering Dayane Mello who chose to send Rosalinda to televoting to save her. VOTE: 7.

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