GF Vip 2021, the report cards of the episode of February 9, 2021

Dayane Mello

Giulia Salemi clashes with everyone, while Tommaso Zorzi appoints the Ruta: the report cards of the episode of the GF Vip of 9 February 2021

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Episode full of emotions that of February 9, 2021, with a GF Vip who continues to tell the emotions and lives of the tenants of the House. Months have passed since the beginning of the reality show and by now the VIP competitors have become familiar faces, becoming part of the daily lives of many viewers. We know well the frailties of Dayane Mello, but also her strength, we are moved by the tears of Stefania Orlando in front of her father and we are surprised, once again, by Tommaso Zorzi who has decided to name Maria Teresa Ruta. There is also room for a clarification by Alfonso Signorini regarding the disqualification of Alda D’Eusanio. “Despite a series of reproaches from Big Brother, she let out several things – he explained to the competitors -. We, I clarify, completely dissociate ourselves from what has been said. You are free to say what you want, we are in a democracy, but always statements that do not harm anyone ".

Let's find out the report cards and the votes at the key moments of the episode of GF Vip on 9 February 2021.

DAYANE MELLO – For months Dayane has been an enigma, but today we see her for what she is: a splendid, strong and aware woman, who has taught us so much in recent days. The week was particularly difficult for Mello who is facing the pain of the death of her brother sustained by the other competitors. For her Alfonso Signorini has organized a special surprise, giving her a connection with her brother Juliano. The model has always said she has a unique relationship with him and was moved when she saw him appear on the screen. “I miss you very much, I want to see you – Juliano said -. I would like to thank everyone, thanks to Stefania from the heart, to Tommaso for the little dog he gave her. I would also like to thank the boys who have become her family who are there, she cannot be with us, thank you for giving so much love to my sister ”. Dayane appeared very excited: "Juliano I love you very much, stay close to dad, it was a difficult week, thank goodness you are here, I love you very much you are my life". Impossible not to be impressed by the strength of the model and her smile, a sign of hope and a warning to grab life and hold it. VOTE: 8.

MARIA TERESA RUTA – The episode of the GF Vip on February 9 was marked by the meeting between Francesco Baccini and Maria Teresa Ruta. The showgirl in the last live broadcast had confessed to having lived a love story with the singer, but he told a very different story. “We met three times, I'll never forget them. And one is this – Baccini admitted – […] I thought she was married, I always thought she was married. […] We start playing, even with Guenda who was little. The evening ends. Then we exchanged messages. There has never been anything else ". The artist then explained that the second meeting with Maria Teresa ended worse, because the boyfriend of the time returned home and got angry with the showgirl. “He and Maria Teresa Ruta were arguing animatedly – he explained -, I take my coat and go away, of yarn. And we never spoke again. And that was the last time we met ". An innocent lie or piece of a larger plot woven by the host? Tommaso Zorzi is convinced that the second statement is the truth and the appointment, displacing viewers. The strength of La Ruta has always been its sincerity, but doubts are not lacking. VOTE: 6.

GIULIA SALEMI – Giulia against everyone: the episode of the GF Vip on 9 February 2021 saw the influencer clash, once again, with the other tenants of the House. At the center of the debate his behavior and relationship with Pierpaolo Pretelli. "From one moment to the next I was left alone – Salemi complained -, there is really a rage against me". Tommaso Zorzi's reply was dry: "If there is a person who isolated himself, it was you, you wanted to isolate yourself, to be with Pierpaolo, to be together, to resolve your things – he said -. So it is obvious that the time left is short and you have to share it with the others, but don't say that we left you alone and we are all against you, no one is against Giulia ”. Salemi listened to the opinions of the other tenants, who agreed on the couple who are often at the center of quarrels and misunderstandings in the house. "I accept everything because I question myself – he concluded -, it seems to me that everything has become too excessive, now I have the anxiety in talking and saying anything. I can't do it, I'll be wrong ”. Controversy, quarrels and the couple who isolates themselves: everything looks like a photocopy of Giulia's GF Vip with Francesco Monte. VOTE: 5.

ANDREA ZENGA – Walter Zenga's son is the great surprise of this GF Vip. Sensitive, tender and beautiful, he conquered the public at Casa and was the protagonist of an unprecedented statement. Alessia Zelletta, sister of Andrea Zelletta, has in fact entered the Cinecittà loft to make him a proposal. “First of all you are beautiful – said the 23-year-old -, I wanted to tell you that I am here because I want to meet you and because I do not accept a refusal, when you leave here we can organize an aperitif. Then whoever lives will see ”. The meeting will take place, with all due respect to Rosalinda Cannavò who, apparently, has decided to step aside. "So far I am engaged, so I give it to you", he clarified. VOTE: 7.

TOMMASO ZORZI – If it didn't exist, it would have to be invented because he, with his strategies and the desire to always tell the truth, was a key element of this GF Vip. After Baccini's meeting with Maria Teresa Ruta, Zorzi once again changes the cards and names the presenter, accused of having lied. "Although many people have put the flea in my ear a bit compared to this hypothetical recitation that Maria Teresa is doing here and I have never believed it – she explained in the Confessional, before mentioning the name of her friend -. Now, tonight's lie puts a small crack on the Maria Theresa fresco. I'm talking about the lie about Baccini. We all asked him and he talked about a week together, kisses, a week of feelings. He escaped from the window ”. Guenda Goria protested in the studio, reacting to the words of Tommaso: “But what good? No. You are wonderful together. Please love each other! ". VOTE: 9.

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