GF Vip 6, Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso separate: the romantic dedication

GF Vip 6, Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso separate: the romantic dedication

The contestants of the 2021 edition of Big Brother have left their families to start a new adventure inside the Cinecittà House

GF Vip 6: the official cast

The Casa del GF Vip 6 opens on 13 September and the time has come for the competitors to say goodbye to the families. For Manila Nazzaro, one of the great protagonists of the new edition conducted by Alfonso Signorini, the compulsory quarantine period that precedes the entrance through the famous red door has begun.

Therefore, preparations are in full swing, but for the dearest affections of the Vippos it is also a moment of separation that is not always easy to deal with. For Nazzaro, it's not even the first time in a reality show. The former Miss Italy has already participated in Temptation Island, with her partner. The two form one of the most beautiful and close-knit couples in the entertainment world, as they demonstrated during their stay at Is Morus Relais. Manila is making its debut as a competitor of Big Brother in the version reserved for celebrities.

The many months to spend in the House could make the love they feel for each other waver, but their union is so strong that they can overcome everything, as shown by Amoruso's words on Instagram: "Today I have separated from my beautiful sweetheart as she is an official competitor of GFVip 2021, as the anti COVID protocol is in force. Although I am super happy for her for this wonderful opportunity, I cannot hide from you that I am sad as I will miss her to death ”. The reply of his partner was not long in coming: "You are my strength".

The call from Alfonso Signorini came after the great pain faced by the couple, who lost the baby that Manila was carrying. The showgirl did not want to keep this experience hidden, with the intention of being an example to all women who have experienced the tragedy of abortion, to make them feel less alone.

Big Brother Vip opens a new page in his professional life, probably a relaunch, after he dedicated the years of maturity to raising the family, without the slightest hint of repentance. By entering the reality show, Manila Nazzaro tries a new card for his career and to make himself known by the public in greater depth. The House could therefore represent the right place to conquer spectators with a new part of itself, the one that few know.

Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso on Instagram

Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso on Instagram

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