GF Vip, Adua Del Vesco: “I lied in the episode. Tonight I'll tell everything "


Adua Del Vesco is tired of lying and covering up. And letting off steam with the roommates he reveals: “I can't carry this boulder anymore. In the episode I lied, tonight I will tell everything "

Adua Del Vesco is determined to rehabilitate her image inside the House, after the fuss broke out during the last episode regarding the gossip about Massimiliano Morra, the actress's ex (fake) boyfriend and according to her strategist ready to pretend a love interest towards Guenda Goria only for game purposes.

At stake, an alleged confidence made by Adua in a low voice to Dayane Mello, which social media have interpreted as a revelation about his homosexuality, then promptly denied by the girl live.

In the days following the episode of Friday 2 October, Adua went into crisis, proven by the accusations made against her, also by Antonella Elia. And during a chat with Matilde Brandi and Stefania Orlando she vented:

For years they have seen me suffer for others, now stop. I cannot carry the burden of other people's problems. A boulder too big for me. I got sick for this. I have done so much for others. I gave up the best years of my life to cover the others. Thats enough. I got to the point of saying that I don't give a damn what people think, the important thing is that I'm fine with myself.

A couple of hours later Adua Del Vesco confronted Stefania Orlando and revealed to her:

In the episode I lied. Monday I will tell everything … he will be very badly

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