GF Vip, Alda D’Eusanio apologizes: the letter to Laura Pausini

Alda D'Eusanio chose to apologize publicly to Laura Pausini and her partner, sharing a letter on social media

Alda D’Eusanio has decided to publicly apologize to Laura Pausini and comrade Paolo Carta. The journalist was expelled from the Big Brother Vip House, after a few days of stay, due to some statements about the couple.

The reality TV cameras filmed D’Eusanio alluding to alleged domestic violence: the heavy words spoken within the reality show led to her immediate exclusion from the game and the cancellation of televoting. After days of silence – "I can say that as soon as I understand what happened … Let's talk about it" he said without adding anything else to Adnkronos – Alda D’Eusanio chose social media to share her official apologies to the singer and partner.

The journalist explained that she wanted to share her letter – a private message that she then chose to make public on social media – in order to give her point of view on the story. Then he added that his apology had to be necessarily public as his sentence was public: an unhappy, inappropriate and harmful sentence towards Laura Pausini's private life.

In her post, D’Eusanio showed all her regret for the words spoken inside the Cinecittà loft:

Sorry for causing you pain. Sorry for creating tension. Sorry for offending your husband. Sorry for echoing a bad chat that first troubled and distressed me. I am happy to know that yours is a couple in love and serene. And that your family lives in love.

The journalist, expressing all her regret for the incident, remarked her apologies for having given rise to gossip:

What happened gives me great pain and for this reason I will always continue to ask your forgiveness. I would like to tell you much more but believe that the suffering you felt in hearing my words I feel only in the thought of having said them.

Waiting for a reply from Laura Pausini and her partner, the two had announced the choice to sue Alda D’Eusanio. "We find it absurd that it is allowed to say such false and serious things in the public sphere and in this case on a television broadcast – they explained through their press office on the artist's official Facebook page -. Nobody can afford to attribute to us things that are light years away from our way of living, educating and relating to our family. It is a very serious and senseless thing and we can do nothing but rely on justice, to protect ourselves. The proceeds from the complaint will be donated entirely to associations against violence against women ”.

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