GF Vip, Alex Belli in the crosshairs of the former Mila Suarez: what he said

Alex Belli

GF Vip 6, Mila Suarez attacked Alex Belli on Instagram, sharing stories in which she emphasized her married life

GF Vip 6: the official cast

What is happening between Alex Belli and Mila Suarez? The first distrusted the former partner, who nevertheless found a way to sing four of them to him, without ever mentioning his name. Before joining GF Vip 6, Belli made a drastic decision: be wary of Suarez. She had done it on purpose, to prevent the model from affecting her popularity in the most spied on house in Italy.

Mila Suarez, the dig against Alex Belli (and Delia Duran)

Although for Belli it is a golden age – his path within the GF Vip is undoubtedly appreciated and his wife Delia has revealed that they would like to become parents soon – Suarez does not want to give up at all. On his Instagram profile, in fact, he decided to point the finger at the actor, also launching rather heavy accusations.

“How can I speak with such confidence? Nobody knows you better than me. With the undersigned you have given the worst “, she did not have any qualms in revealing certain details. “Then you call her wife, even if there is a rumor that your wedding was just a ceremony of appearance, fake like you”. Will Alfonso Signorini miss this opportunity to offer a priceless show to the public? He might be forced, especially by the legal issue.

GF Vip 6, the background between Belli, Suarez and Duran

The model had already responded to the warning for the rhymes: “I state that, after having discussed with my lawyers, I am fully aware of my actions and willing to pay up to the last penny in order to defend my image but above all my dignity. In a free state, one cannot accept not being able to speak freely about one’s life, past and future ”.

Among other things, when Mila Suarez had entered the GF Vip, a confrontation had already taken place. “I would like to remind Mr. Gabelli and his dear Duran that, when the undersigned participated in the GF, both were the first to profit and notoriety by referring to my business trips and alluding to situations light years away from my lifestyle and my way of being “.

Suarez had even revealed some curious details about the CentoVetrine actor: the shared past, as we know, remains, and is often placed at the center of attention when these misunderstandings occur. It remains to understand the unknown Signorini: will Alfonso find a way to offer a comparison this time too?

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