GF Vip, Alex Belli’s tears and Soleil’s fury: three things you (maybe) missed

GF Vip, Alex Belli's tears and Soleil's fury: three things you (maybe) missed

Great emotions in the episode of Big Brother Vip on Friday 24 September, with Tommaso Eletti leaving the House won by televoting by Davide Silvestri

GF Vip 6: the official cast

The GF Vip (perhaps) has finally begun. Alfonso Signorini has lined up a varied cast, full of new characters and old glories, but the typical dynamics of the reality show are struggling to take off. Katia Ricciarelli is still in charge, disappointed by the behavior of some of her companions and Manuel Bortuzzo, who seems to have definitively approached Princess Lulù Selassié.

Yet, there was no lack of exciting moments, those that drive the story that is still waiting to be developed properly. We are getting to know a completely different Alex Belli from what we would have imagined, while Soleil Sorge has already triggered that good dose of confrontation without which the GF Vip would not exist. In this flurry of events, therefore, there is certainly something that you have been missing. Let’s see together what happened to Big Brother.

Alex Belli’s tears

A new character, who is proving very different from appearances and from what he had shown on TV. Alex Belli is the man of the group, the one who reconciles and argues, fearlessly demonstrating all his frailties. Although he is still quite trapped in his character and struggling to melt in some respects, Belli surprised us by being moved by his desire for fatherhood that he has not yet realized. The actor, who married Delia Duran in the summer of 2021, would like to experience the joy of holding a child in his arms and for this he is moved. He is also capable of big steps towards his teammates and, in particular, of Katia Ricciarelli to whom he asked forgiveness for having defined her as “obtuse” during a game imposed by the program.

Soleil’s fury

Soleil Sorge and Gianmaria Antinolfi have been together and, for those who have not yet grasped it, their story has not ended well at all. The ex-couple kept talking about their relationship almost forgetting everything else. And, in the episode of September 24, the Soleil bomb has definitively exploded. Her reaction, triggered by Antinolfi’s words about her family, was nothing short of theatrical and with a tearless cry that left the audience perplexed: “I’m not going to humiliate you, but I’m really hurt, you don’t have to allow yourself to talk about my father”. After all, the episode was quite Soleil-centric, with her companions even calling her “rude”. As expected, Alfonso Signorini’s style is never denied.

The first kiss between Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Selassiè

So much goes the cat to the lard that it leaves us a hand. The interest of Lulù Selassiè for Manuel Bortuzzo was clear from the beginning, especially from her who was not afraid to show herself taken by the sweetness of the swimming champion. And his perseverance was rewarded. Finally, after days, also from Manuel’s part a crack opened and the first tender kisses took place under the covers. Their future remains in the hands of time.

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