GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini on Garko: "I found a new friend in him"

GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini on Garko: "I found a new friend in him"

The touching words of Gabriel Garko moved Alfonso Signorini, who reveals that he has changed his opinion about him

Gabriel Garko, all his loves (real or fictional)

The new edition of Big Brother Vip is really full of twists, one of which left everyone speechless. We are talking about the touching statements of Gabriel Garko, who in recent days entered the most spied on house in Italy, surprising the viewers. Now Alfonso Signorini reveals what that moment meant for him.

Let's take a step back: Adua Del Vesco is one of the competitors of GF Vip 5, and her name is closely linked to that of Gabriel Garko, with whom she had a relationship. Guest for an evening in the House, the famous actor has decided to come out talking about his "secret of Pulcinella", a very delicate way to refer covertly to his homosexuality. His words did not leave Alfonso Signorini indifferent, who on the pages of the weekly Chi has decided to tell about his stormy past with Garko.

"And to think that at first there was bad blood between me and him. My instinct told me that there was nothing true in all those poses and those photo novel winks of the 50s – revealed the host of the GF Vip. For this reason, as he himself stated, he avoided giving it space in the newspapers except when it came to talking about some successful fiction. But over time, things have changed, and their relationships have undergone a profound metamorphosis.

“Gabriel Garko understood a lot of things. One above all that in life what matters most is being able to look in the mirror and like yourself ”- continued Signorini. "I was doubly happy that he chose me to take an important first step in his life: he threw the mask in front of the cameras of the GF Vip, freeing himself from the weight of an image that had become unbearable for him, that of the womanizer, making us understand without his homosexuality is too many mysteries ”.

And Alfonso then concluded with a beautiful message: "From today Garko will be a little more Dario (that's his name in the registry office) and a little less Gabriel. Now I'm sure everything will be easier as it always happens when you live with truth. And it is thanks to this truth that I found a friend “. On the other hand, Signorini is not the only one who thinks that for Garko now life is more serene. Even Adua Del Vesco, after the moving coming out, confessed with shining eyes that he was finally happy: "Now he is free".

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