GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini sheds light on televoting and the alleged votes from abroad

GF Nip, "Signorini instead of D’Urso": the conductor clarifies

After the controversy at the "GF Vip", Alfonso Signorini talks about televoting and the alleged votes from abroad for Adua Del Vesco and Dayane Mello

Alfonso Signorini clarifies the alleged votes from abroad to the GF Vip. The host spoke for the first time about the controversy surrounding televoting in the reality show and the votes for Dayane Mello and Adua Del Vesco who would have come from countries other than Italy. Codacons intervened on the matter a few weeks ago and presented a complaint.

"Codacons presents a complaint to the Communications Authority on the mystery of the televoting of Big Brother Vip – a statement read -, so that proceedings can be opened on the case by ascertaining the facts and any irregularities to the detriment of the spectators. We are inundated with reports of users who denounce how Spanish profiles have appeared on social networks that would have started a mass voting campaign in favor of the competitor Adua Del Vesco “.

“At the same time, it should be noted that the regulation of the Mediaset broadcast expressly provides that the televoting service is reserved exclusively for adult customers residing in Italy – explained the Codacons -. Numerous screenshots appeared on social networks and the web would document the votes received from Spain in favor of the competitor of the Gf Vip, a circumstance which, if confirmed, would not only blatantly violate the regulation, but would cause damage to Italian spectators who, in good faith, have spent money to participate in televoting. For this reason, Codacons submits a complaint to Agcom in which it is asked to open an investigation into the case and ascertain any offenses and irregularities ".

In these hours, Alfonso Signorini also wanted to have his say. At Casa Chi the presenter explained: "I saw that there are a lot of profiles, I was also bombarded in that sense. They are foreign profiles that they would bring for Del Vesco and Dayane. This is a question that does not concern me, but about production and Big Brother, but I was told that, while televoting is reserved for residents of Italy, voting on the Internet made through the site is free to everyone. This is what I was told when the question was raised a few months ago, but I have no updates, I don't know if there have been any developments ”.

The question on televoting therefore remains open, but there will certainly be time to clarify it. The GF Vip in fact will continue until February. After the choice of Elisabetta Gregoraci and Francesco Oppini to leave the Cinecittà loft, other competitors are about to enter.

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