GF Vip, Antonella Elia confesses: "I think it's the end of my career"

GF Vip, Antonella Elia confesses: "I think it's the end of my career"

Antonella Elia, after taking part in the Big Brother Vip, confesses the worries about her career

Antonella Elia was the competitor who most attracted attention in the fourth edition of Big Brother Vip. Not only quarrels and tragedies from the past, but also lots of laughter and the birth, albeit difficult, of some friendships is all that the ex gieffina has accustomed us to. But what did participation in the reality show really mean to you?

In the House of Big Brother Vip Antonella Elia did everything: furious quarrels, animated discussions and funny jokes. Her personality, sometimes complicated, divided the audience between those who loved her madly, and supported her until the final episode, and those who, troubled by her attitudes, requested measures from her.

Elia has often quarreled with other competitors, who have repeatedly accused her of being aggressive towards women. Talking about the discussions that took place within the reality show and, above all, to respond to the accusations, just her, who confessed in a long interview with the weekly Chi:

If we talk about Fernanda Lessa, Marini and Licia, yes. But I have always defended women, beauty and dignity. Rita Rusic – he added – says that I am anaffective, instead I attack people and imagine that they have a preference towards me. This is why I get angry if I don't think so.

Antonella Elia, therefore, admitted that she was unable to find a meeting point with Fernanda Lessa, Valeria Marini and Licia Nunez, with whom she discussed very hard inside the most spied house in Italy up to, in some occasions, even in physical clashes. However, this does not mean a general aversion towards all women who, on the other hand, tend to defend and support.

The adventure to Big Brother Vip, Elia also admitted, could adversely affect her career. In fact, Antonella said:

I think this is the end of my career because I have exposed myself with my miseries and my baseness.

Antonella's fears, however, seem to be averted by the large number of fans who continue to support her even now that the reality show has ended. Many are those who have managed to go beyond appearances and to grasp its sweetest and most fragile side. Good news also on the sentimental front: Elia admitted to having clarified with her boyfriend Pietro Delle Piane and not to exclude the wedding.

Given the affection shown to her by most of the public, will she be back on TV soon to talk about her story and her future plans?

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