GF Vip, Antonella Elia reveals a secret about Zequila in the house

Antonella Elia, the live wedding proposal jumps

Antonella Elia tells a secret of Antonio Zequila, a competitor of Big Brother Vip

Antonella Elia reveals a secret about Antonio Zequila to the GF Vip. After leaving the Cinecittà house, Mike Bongiorno's former valley made some statements about the competitors of the reality show conducted by Alfonso Signorini. Zequila is undoubtedly among the characters who made this show great. The host has always had an excellent relationship with Antonella, but in the last episodes something has changed.

In a direct Instagram with Asia Valente, Elia told her feelings after the show. "I consider it a difficult experience on a psychological level – he explained -, I found it difficult to stay closed in a house with people who were really very unpleasant to me. In real life I would have sent them to that country. "

Among them not only Licia Nunez, Valeria Marini and Fernanda Lessa, with whom she quarreled, but also Paolo Ciavarro, who at GF Vip created a love story with Clizia Incorvaia. “Paolo is a person who has no character – he explained, criticizing the behavior of Eleonora Giorgi's son -. I never had relationships with him, he never had humanity, warmth. Somehow in life you have to have courage. I don't have a great memory of Paolo ”.

Antonella then criticized Antonio Zequila who, according to her, would have changed behavior during the GF Vip. "When you left he went into depression, he really went mad – he revealed to Valente -. I don't like Zequila at all, just zero. When I gave him that kiss in the mold it was for fun and Pietro also got angry. I don't like it, it's the opposite of the man I could be with. "

Outside the Cinecittà house, Elia embraced her fiancé Pietro Delle Piane again. The voice actor and actor has always defended his partner and during an episode of Live – Non è la D’Urso asked for his hand. The wedding proposal did not go as he had hoped, but it was still romantic. Even Antonio Zequila could soon fulfill his love dream with Marina Fadda, his longtime partner.

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