GF Vip, Antonella Mosetti risk of reporting

After the case of Clemente Russo, Antonella Mosetti is now also in danger of being disqualified from the program

More tussle with Big Brother Vip. After the Bettarini-Russo controversy on the Ventura case, which ended with the disqualification of the Neapolitan boxer for unpleasant sentences, this time it's Antonella Mosetti's turn.

The offending sentence to Antonella Mosetti is as follows: "If I was out, I would have killed her", referring to #Giulia De Lellis, Andrea Damante's fiancée. The case immediately made the rounds of social networks where Andrea Damante's girlfriend defends herself, promising to take legal action if Mosetti's behavior does not end.

The controversy arose during the live broadcast on Monday evening, when Damante's girlfriend entered the house to surprise her boyfriend and before abandoning her, she rebuked the behavior of Asia (Mosetti's daughter), precisely towards the "Lady ". At that moment the competitors were all freezati, but Antonella, losing the light of reason, violated the freeze to verbally attack De Lellis and defend her daughter. Ilary Blasi, the host of the program, immediately intervened, trying to restore calm inside the house and suddenly letting Andrea's girl out of the house.

Some questions arise spontaneously among fans of the program: “How will Big Brother behave towards Antonella? The Mosetti will be disqualified as happened previously to the boxer Clemente Russo for violating the program rules? ”On Monday, during the live broadcast of the program, on Canale 5, we will know more. Meanwhile, the conclusion of a fairly difficult week's stay in the most spied house in Italy is starting for Mosetti.

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