GF Vip, Briatore defends Elisabetta Gregoraci after the gossip about Stefano Coletti

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Flavio Briatore intervenes after the rumors about the private life of Elisabetta Gregoraci born in the "GF Vip"

Flavio Briatore defends Elisabetta Gregoraci after the gossip about Stefano Coletti that emerged at GF Vip. In the last episode of the reality show, Alfonso Signorini asked the showgirl for an explanation about his private life and the bond with a driver from Monte Carlo, indicated by many as his new love. Elisabetta hasn't revealed anything, but has admitted to knowing a man named Stefano.

The story sparked the jealousy of Pierpaolo Pretelli and, while inside the GF Vip house, Elisabetta quarreled with the former veil of Striscia la Notizia, outside the Cinecittà loft, her ex-husband and sister Marzia thought about defending her . Guest of Mattino Cinque, in fact, Arianna David confirmed the love story between Stefano and Gregoraci. “She is not alone outside the house. From what I know, he has a person in Monte Carlo, ”he said. Words that triggered the reaction of Marzia who spread a statement on Instagram. "Her sister Marzia Gregoraci and Elisabetta's best friend, the lawyer Micaela Ottomano – we read -, the two closest people to her, officially deny that this lady David has any friendly relationship with Elisabetta, let alone intimate. Therefore – continues the press release -, they invite the aforementioned not to publicly declare the existence of a relationship that never existed and to never talk about its private life again, since not only can it not be aware of it, but this behavior it is seriously damaging to Mrs. Gregoraci's reputation ”.

The former Flavio Briatore also spoke on the issue. "The lady in question – explained the entrepreneur and ex-husband of the model – goes on TV, talks to the newspapers and, claiming to be a friend, allows herself to express judgments and opinions about me and my private sphere. All inventions and fantasies. I met the lady in Sardinia many years ago. She has never been my friend and I can say with certainty that she is not my ex-wife either. " In the Casa, Elisabetta said she was single and couldn't clarify the situation to Pretelli. It will, he promised, once the reality show is over.

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