GF Vip, Cristiano Malgioglio remembers his mother and Iva Zanicchi gives him a surprise

GF Vip, Cristiano Malgioglio remembers his mother and Iva Zanicchi gives him a surprise

Episode full of emotions at the "GF Vip": Malgioglio remembers his mother and Iva Zanicchi gives him a surprise in connection

Episode full of great emotions that of Big Brother Vip, between comparisons and moving memories.

In fact, there were moments of tension between Dayane Mello and the other "Vipponi" of the House, who continue to consider the model too fickle. Call in question Dayane replied: “Since I entered the House I have always been myself. Obviously many have never dug deep to understand my gaps, my shortcomings, but I realized that there is no interest in me. Then it is normal that after three months we begin to not stand each other ”.

Countess De Blanck then entered the Cinecittà bunker for a clarification with Stefania Orlando: “It is true that I have called you a false and a liar. You told me things and did others. What I see is that you are a great player, you are good – Patrizia admitted -. You want me to quarrel with Stefania, but I say things as they are! ”.

And if on the one hand there are still tensions between tenants, there have been moments of great emotion. Protagonist this time Cristiano Malgioglio, called into the confessional by Alfonso Signorini to remember his mother:

People don't know me in that respect, but since my mom died, I've always refused Christmas. People don't know me in this respect, I'm always cheerful and I went in because I wanted to spend my time with young people. Unfortunately, during the holidays everything seems sad to me. But here I am happy because I have found people who love me and who do not treat me like Cristiano Malgioglio.

Speaking with the conductor, he let himself go to other confessions that were painful for him. In tears he said:

My mother has always been my pillar. My birthplace was beautiful when we went down to Sicily and she cooked for everyone, it was a wonderful party.

Then Signorini wanted to surprise Cristiano by organizing a call in connection with Iva Zanicchi, a great friend of Malgioglio: “I don't want to see you sad, you know what happened to me, but you kept me company when I was sick. Cristiano you are perfect to stay in the House, you are full of joy and it is the right place for you at this moment ”.

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