GF Vip, Dayane against Rosalinda for the story with Andrea Zenga

GF Vip, Dayane contro Rosalinda per la storia con Andrea Zenga

At the "GF Vip", Dayane Mello clashes with Rosalinda Cannavò for the story with Andrea Zenga

At GF Vip it is a clash between Rosalinda Cannavò and Dayane Mello after the kiss of the actress with Andrea Zenga. At the end of the last episode of the reality show, Walter Zenga's son and the young artist decided to let themselves go and fully experience the feelings they have for each other.

Already during the live broadcast, Dayane had expressed her doubts regarding the behavior of her friend, divided between Giuliano, her boyfriend for over ten years, and Zenga. To make matters worse, Rosalinda's choice to name Giulia Salemi, despite the fact that she considers her a friend. “I can expect that if I make it to the final with Zenga, you will nominate me,” said the supermodel, who also chose to change rooms.

Shortly after, Rosalinda vented to Samantha De Grenet: “She went away – he said -, but when I was crying, instead of saying they were tantrums why didn't you come to ask me why I was crying? You know the situation I have outside. This is the reality of the facts. I love you all the good in the world. I did not allow myself to shoot zero on people. I have to be criticized, judged, insulted. She must be the first enemy. I wonder: do I have a friend or an enemy? ".

After 24 hours of tears and strife, Rosalinda and Dayane cleared up. “I will always be there, beyond this cursed game. Because I love you ", assured Cannavò, while the model stated that she will support her friend's relationship with Andrea Zenga at GF Vip:" I want you to be happy – she clarified -. You know how much I have fought many times in here, for your happiness. I am happy for you, really. Enjoy this moment and don't let anyone spoil it ”. Shortly after, the supermodel confirmed her desire to sleep in another room to leave space and intimacy for Rosalinda and Andrea: "I'm fine there, I have a bed all to myself – she assured -. You are living your love story and I am here. You just need to spend some time with him ". But there was no shortage of a dig at the actress about the story with the son of Walter and Roberta Termali: "Odori di Zenga – he noted hugging her -, my smell is no longer there".

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