GF Vip, Dayane attacks Rosalinda: "You put everyone against me"

Dayane Mello

Dayane Mello attacks Rosalinda and accuses her of having led her to quarrel with the other competitors of the "GF Vip"

At GF Vip, Dayane attacks Rosalinda accusing her of having set them against the other tenants of the House. The model and the actress are very close, but recently their relationship in the Cinecittà loft has been in crisis. In fact, during the live broadcast with Alfonso Signorini, several competitors accused Dayane of manipulating Rosalinda. The actress then admitted: "We are all conditioned here". A phrase that Mello did not like at all, who felt attacked.

"You let yourself be too influenced by people – he said during a confrontation in the sauna with his friend who immediately became quite heated -. Everything was fine, then a mess happened with everyone. Nothing has changed between you and me, but my relationship with others has, do you understand? ”. Rosalinda tried to justify herself, but it didn't help: “When you answer me very strongly I feel bad – she explained -. It's true, I admitted it: I am a very conditional person. But I don't think you're rude, I was the first to defend you ”. Dayane then accused her friend of putting her in a bad light: "While everyone wanted to pamper you, the whole house wanted me out, because of your weakness".

At that point Rosalinda – stage name Adua del Vesco – burst into tears: "I have this defect, I can be conditioned because I'm insecure about myself, what is my fault? – He admitted -. I'm weak, I don't know what's going on in my head. But it's not my fault if you have the whole house against it and I feel bad if you say so ”. Dayane, however, was not convinced by her friend's words. In fact, the model lived badly the first few months in the House of GF Vip because of the competitors who accused her of being a strategist. "I broke the shit out of all this a bit – she said -. I'm seeing things that are turning my butt a bit. I went out for the one who manipulates Adua. But what world are we in ”. If the friendship between Dayane Mello and Rosalinda seems at risk, Stefania Orlando and Tommaso Zorzi, after the latest tensions due to the nomination of the influencer against her friend, would have already cleared up.

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