GF Vip, Dayane Mello in crisis: packs her bags and threatens to leave

Dayane Mello

Dayane Mello packs her bags and threatens to leave the "GF Vip" House after the clash with Andrea Zelletta

After the last episode of GF Vip comes a new twist. Dayane Mello, after having quarreled with Adua Del Vesco and ending up at the center of the debate on Andrea Zelletta and Natalia Paragoni, announced that she wanted to leave the House. The model has packed her bags, determined to leave the Cinecittà loft. During the live broadcast with Alfonso Signorini, the tenants sided with Zelletta and this put Dayane in crisis.

"I'm going away from that door, I'm leaving," he threatened, starting to pack his suitcase. However, his behavior did not, strangely, alarm his comrades, as had happened instead for Tommaso Zorzi or Pierpaolo Pretelli. "There is Dayane who is packing her suitcase and wants to go away", said Stefania Orlando to Andrea Zelletta who replied only with a: "Mmh …", then continuing to talk to Giulia Salemi. Tommaso, Giacomo, Carlotta and Cecilia instead followed the scene. “He's packing his suitcase,” someone noted, but no one appeared convinced. "But imagine", "But they block it so much in the confessional", were the comments. While Tommaso Zorzi joked: "Love this move bears my name!" He said.

The Natalia Paragoni case does not seem to be over after the episode of the GF Vip. In the end, Dayane Mello did not leave the House, but sought a confrontation with Andrea Zelletta, deeply disappointed by his behavior. "I want to apologize, I didn't think about it, I didn't want to hurt you – Dayane said -. Really, you have to understand that I gave up being with my daughter to make Christmas here, I know that you are a good boy ".

Andrea then tried to explain her state of mind regarding the rumors about a possible betrayal of Natalia which she herself has already denied. "It is not the right context, it is a cold shower, these are things that I think must be solved outside – he explained -, they are heavy insinuations on a non-concrete basis, if there had been evidence, concrete things one can even think about it and to say look I am sure, on the basis of a chat one throws a bomb where then you know that in here I can not have clarifications, I can not dig deep. I am not a person who at this moment wants to come up with names, because I know the names, these are things that I will arrange outside, I believe in my woman one hundred percent. Yesterday was a cold shower for me, news that I did not know, I knew what she had done, that she had gone on vacation to this event etc … the chatter is something that has reached the ear in here, I protect my woman because I trust her, yesterday I saw her she had not sincere eyes, more ”.

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