GF Vip, Dayane's painful confession: "At 16 I didn't want to live anymore"

GF Vip, la dolorosa confessione di Dayane: “A 16 anni non volevo più vivere”

Dayane Mello's painful confession to "GF Vip": "At 16 I didn't want to live anymore"

Dayane Mello confesses to GF Vip and talks about the suffering of her past. After the last episodes of the reality show in which many competitors criticized her behavior, the model confided in Mario Ermito, revealing her complicated childhood and adolescence marked by great pain. “When I was sixteen my dad beat me and I took all the medicines to die – confessed Mello -. They took me to the hospital. I learned to love my life much later ”.

Mello is undoubtedly one of the most discussed competitors of this edition of the GF Vip. The former partner of Stefano Sala and Sofia's mother has recently shown her weaknesses for the first time. After talking to Mario Ermito, recalling the pains of the past, Dayane confided in Samantha De Grenet, letting herself go to tears. "I'm afraid of losing everything I have – she said -, I have to work a lot to reach my happiness, I'm tired of suffering … I would like to have more stability, I'm always afraid of losing what I can achieve […] I can't throw out all my pains, this fragile side – he added -. I am always the one who solves the problems of others, but no one who does it for me. Surely when you needed you you knew you could call your mother or your best friend ”.

Dayane never hid the fact that she lived a childhood marked by poverty and loneliness. During an episode of the GF Vip, Mello had confided in Signorini, remembering his past. “My mother had 10 children – she confessed -. We lived in a sauna-sized cabin with three other brothers without eating for a week. She was a prostitute. I was full of lice, all dirty and skinny. I vaguely remember my mother coming in once a week, each time with a different man, and bringing us food. Then it went away. We have experienced hunger and poverty. We were becoming delinquents, we were going to steal from the supermarket. My father came to get Giuliano, not me. But when he saw me he knew I was his daughter. I forgave my mother, she taught me about life ".

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