GF Vip: Elia against De Grenet, when the patch is worse than the hole

GF Vip: Elia contro De Grenet, quando la pezza è peggio del buco

The new confrontation wanted by Signorini did not manage to remedy the bad page of last week, indeed

After a whole week of controversy, a new confrontation between Samantha De Grenet and Antonella Elia was staged at Big Brother Vip, to try to remedy the ugly page of television broadcast in prime time.

Too bad that the piece that Alfonso Signorini tried to put to close the matter is worse than the hole. And for several reasons.

But let's take a step back, for those who have not followed the story. On Monday 4 January Antonella Elia entered the Cinecittà House to speak with some of the tenants. Among these was Samantha De Grenet, with whom there had been some misunderstanding already in the previous days and who became the viewfinder of the columnist, who indulged in a series of insults, from "You are presumptuous, indeed a bulla on the outskirts, or rather a poorly cleaned hamlet (…) The best you have been able to do was to be the queen of Gorgonzola. (…) You are a great bitch "to" I would tear off those hideous curls you have on your head and I also see you put on weight, you are giving in to the weight of age ". A climax of vulgarity which even De Grenet has not escaped, who to answer "in tone" has focused on the stature (physical, needless to say) of the rival.

How much that curtain may have been in bad taste and bad example has already been said. In the following days, as expected, a real fuss broke out around the story and the program, with Alfonso Signorini himself in the dock, guilty of not being able to interrupt the discussion in the bud and – indeed – of having let it go.

In the House, meanwhile, Samantha De Grenet continued to vent with the tenants, explaining how much the words of Antonella Elia had hurt her, especially those addressed to her physical appearance, tried by the treatments she had to undergo to defeat a tumor.

In the aftermath of the episode, none of the interested parties made statements or apologized for what was on the air and the silence even from the Big Brother production itself was deafening. The choice, it was understood yesterday, was due to the desire to resume the confrontation between Samantha De Grenet and Antonella Elia, this time trying to keep a civil tone.

Too bad that in this move it almost seems that there has been some fury. First of all because in last night's episode the topic was dealt with when it was already past midnight and then because it was dealt with as one of the many dynamics of reality show, complete with summary videos. Finally, from two people who evidently can't stand each other and who had no intention of clarifying themselves from the start, it certainly couldn't be expected that they would show great diplomacy.

And instead the conductor insists: "I care about this confrontation because Antonella was sent for a confrontation with you that in fact did not exist, mainly due to a lack on the part of Antonella who limited herself to insulting. Given that this confrontation did not take place, in the spirit of the program, I would like it to exist and then we put a stone on it, so I know you will never be friends ".

Once the floor is given to Elijah, however, the attempt to divert the discussion is evident. "I want to clarify that I have great respect for illness, suffering and pain – said the columnist – I can't imagine how you could have thought that I hit you to bring human, moral and psychological damage referring to your illness of which I knew nothing. Disease that I know personally, so I would never allow myself to hit a person to hurt, to hurt. My joke also wanted to be goliardic to dissolve a pathetic quarrel that had broken out without my having argued in the least the reasons for my fury ". No apology, therefore, on the part of Antonella, who indeed proved that she did not understand how much those words were wrong regardless. One appeals once again, as often happens when these slips are made, to the student spirit to bad or misunderstood jokes.

We say it clearly, for the avoidance of doubt: no. Antonella Elia's words (and Samantha De Grenet's answers) are not acceptable, insulting a person by focusing on their physical appearance is not acceptable. It is bodyshaming. But although a week has passed since the sad curtain, it seems that this has not been understood. Or rather, in some moments it almost seemed as if he pretended not to understand it. Because Samantha De Grenet has repeatedly tried to explain that those insults should not be said anyway. “I thought telling my story might help someone else. If I have been able to give strength to a single woman, I am happy. Regardless of the disease, a woman should never attack another woman on the aesthetic side, because we are not just boobs and asses and behind a thinness or a few extra pounds there may be something, so better keep quiet ", he explained.

But the competitor was often interrupted in this reasoning, both by Elia and by Signorini himself. "You are exploiting the disease," said the columnist, who even less gently insists, emphasizing that she too has faced the disease. As if it were a competition to see who suffered the most.

It must be said that this time, at least, Alfonso Signorini understood that he had to intervene to interrupt a speech that would lead nowhere: "For my part, I missed and I have no problem saying it, I could have interrupted that theater immediately, we could have darkened the glass room immediately. We didn't do it and not having done it I think it was a big mistake, that's why I apologize because when you make a mistake you apologize and I do it, I do it towards my Vippian friends who are inside the house, Samantha I do with the audience at home because it's not my style, it's not the program I want to bring into your homes ”.

An apology evidently heard. And maybe just those would have been enough. What happened last week, however, was sad and serious. Treating the subject as one of the many gave the feeling of wanting to debase what happened, almost as if one hoped that having passed a week and the controversy having now subsided, less weight could be given to the matter. To resolve the question those same apologies from Signorini would have been enough. Sunglasses. But at the beginning of the episode. Female solidarity is not a topic to be relegated to after midnight, especially if you want to make up for a bad figure.

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