GF Vip, Elia-De Grenet: it's a clash. Pretelli warned by his mother

GF Vip, Elia-De Grenet: è scontro. Pretelli messo in guardia dalla madre

Clashes and quarrels between the competitors after the Christmas holidays. And Pierpaolo's mother warns him about the story with Giulia Salemi

New episode crackling and full of twists for the Big Brother Vip. Despite the Christmas holidays spent together, there was no lack of clashes and discussions between the contestants of the reality show. Inside the most spied on house in Italy, however, love was also born: Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli are getting closer and closer, making many fans dream and also causing some controversy.

Eyes on the unexpected face to face between Antonella Elia and some competitors. The columnist asked Alfonso Signorini to be allowed to enter the House after hearing unpleasant words from Samantha De Grenet and after having already clashed with her from a distance.

You are the queen of arrogance – an unrestrained Elijah began – but who do you think you are? Are you really convinced that you have the right to talk to me like that?

Elijah, in fact, said she didn't tolerate Samantha's character, which she considered extremely presumptuous. The response from De Grenet was piqued, and she did not let herself be intimidated by the words of the columnist, replying forcefully:

It is not a question of being entitled or not. You attacked me on a whim, because you said that I entered the house with a straight leg.

Finding a meeting point with De Grenet was, for Elia, impossible. Antonella, then, also wanted to see Capriotti, Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zelletta, to encourage them to be more sincere and to show their personality.

Moreover, a difficult episode also for Salemi and Pretelli. In fact, only a few weeks have passed since Elisabetta Gregoraci left the house, definitively putting an end to her flirtation with Pierpaolo. After finding serenity, the gieffino let himself go with Giulia. An attitude that, some, did not like at all.

Among those who were disappointed and disapproved of the relationship, some competitors and Pretelli's parents, who, in recent days, have openly tried to make him change his mind and get him away from Giulia. Pierpaolo's mother, Margherita, also wanted to meet him, to clarify and reiterate his position.

You have a baby at home – said Pretelli's mother -, try to moderate yourself a little. Your grandparents see you 24/7. Reality is out. Try to play, try to be with the other competitors. Make yourself known.

Very determined, however, Pierpaolo, who while listening to his mother's objections, declared that he wanted to continue living his feelings and want to continue his story with Giulia. What he feels, in fact, is true and profound.

Will Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and live their story without letting themselves be influenced?

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