GF Vip, Elijah against all: "False Lygia, Patrick did serious things"

GF Vip, Elijah against all: "False Lygia, Patrick did serious things"

Antonella Elia is released after the end of the GF Vip and attacks the former tenants of the reality show

GF Vip, who enters the house: the names of the official competitors

Antonella Elia returns to attack the former competitors of the GF Vip, criticizing Valeria Marini, Patrick Ray Pugliese and Licia Nunez with whom she met during the reality show. “There are people I can't even think about because my guts are turned upside down – he confessed to the weekly Chi -. La Lessa, Licia I will never want to see them again in life. Licia is the most false. He used tactics, approached people at the appropriate time. She was a strategist, but it didn't help her much. "

Antonella then spoke of her greatest rival in the GF Vip: Valeria Marini. "If it were up to me I would have torn all the extensions after two hours that she was in the house – explained Elia -. I would have left her with her 4 hairs. It was I who suffered her, she gave me no respite. […] I shouldn't have forgiven Patrick. Now that I'm out I think he made a game. For a moment I was part of his game too, then when he pushed me involuntarily, I became his enemy. He said and did very serious things. "

With Adriana Volpe, Elia managed to create a good relationship. "We had discussions – admitted the competitor of GF Vip -, but due to the fact that she was attacking my enemies. Enemies are enemies, your friends cannot attach themselves to your enemies. This was the problem with Adri. We immediately became friends, then she became friends with Lessa. He could talk to us, but not become friends with us. Then there was the Lessa who touched, put her hands on her, did massages, horrible things. "

Antonella also forgave Antonio Zequila, with whom she clashed especially in the last episodes of the show. "I am very sorry that Antonio Zequila has turned into another person – he confessed -. There was a short circuit. At a certain point, he no longer saw reality but a fictional one was created. In my opinion, since Marini's entrance she has had an emotional meltdown, she hasn't understood anything anymore. He is a good person, then it was obvious when he made the appeals to throw me out I would have given him a header. "

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