GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci admits the existence of a contract with Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore, the sweet dedication to his son Nathan: Elisabetta Gregoraci comments

At the "GF Vip", Elisabetta Gregoraci admits the existence of a contract with Briatore which limits her private life

At GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci admits the existence of a contract with Flavio Briatore. For weeks now, there has been talk of a possible agreement between the showgirl and the entrepreneur, signed after the divorce, which would prevent Elizabeth from having love affairs in the three years following her farewell. This would be the reason why, despite the great feeling with Pierpaolo Pretelli, Gregoraci would not have started a love story with him.

Elisabetta and Flavio separated in 2017 after a long marriage from which their son Nathan was born. Despite the end of the relationship, they remained very united for the sake of their eldest son, but behind the showgirl's desire not to have new stories there would be a contract. To admit it was herself during a chat with Giulia Salemi. In fact, the influencer asked the model for some details about her private life. "But each of you is free to hang out with whomever you want without p *** and breaks, or …", Giulia asked and at that point Elisabetta laughed, hinting that she could not speak. “Ok, that's a hysterical laugh, I understand,” concluded the Instagram star. “Let's change the question – Elisabetta then said – It's been three years (since separation). Have you ever seen me with anyone? Only one with whom I was engaged for two years, but it ended very badly so imagine (…) F. B. is quite possessive. I'm his… for him… ”.

Words that seem to confirm the existence of an agreement after the divorce that governs Elisabetta's love life, still tying her to Briatore. Talking about it in 2019 was Alfonso Signorini, guest of # CR4 – The republic of women, program by Piero Chiambretti. "Few know it but there is a crazy post-wedding contract between Gregoraci and Briatore – explained the journalist -. The sine qua non that he imposed on her is this: for three years after the separation she must not show up in the newspapers with another man, otherwise she has to pay very high penalties. She signed, that's why we never see her with other people… Maybe you hang out with someone, but you mind your own business ”.

After the divorce, Gregoraci had been paparazzi in the company of Francesco Bettuzzi. A love story that ended badly, as the entrepreneur said. "We were together for three years in great secrecy – she revealed -, but the presence of the ex-husband Briatore was there and conditioned her. We have led a low profile life and we have always gone to places where they could not recognize us ".

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