Gf Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci discovers the date of the final, but does not take it well

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Paolo Brosio would have sent Elisabetta into panic by revealing that the Gf Vip will end only in February

Paolo Brosio has just entered the Big Brother House and is already starting to combine some good ones. Finally cured of his ailments that postponed his entry into the game, Brosio has become in effect a new competitor of the Gf Vip, with the games now started.

Precisely for this reason Alfonso Signorini had repeatedly recommended with him to pay attention to the information he would have shared by talking with the other tenants who, obviously due to imprisonment, are clearly not aware of everything that happens beyond the red door.

Paolo, however, during the night just passed would have let himself go to some confidences and one "secret" in particular would have deeply disturbed Elisabetta Gregoraci.

This year's edition of Gf Vip could become the longest in history, the date of the final, in fact, is scheduled for February and Paolo Brosio would have let slip the news that would have literally shocked Elisabetta Gregoraci:

I am a mother, I have a son and I have to go home

Unless she is eliminated in the race earlier, through some nominations, Elizabeth would have been frightened at the idea of ​​staying away from her loved ones until February next year, imagining spending a Christmas away from home.

Meanwhile, many suspect that in addition to the family waiting for her outside there is someone else, a bond with another man that would explain the forced separation from Pierpaolo Pretelli with whom Gregoraci – despite the nightly coded messages – seems to avoid at all costs set off the final spark.

In the coming weeks, new competitors are expected at home ready to mix up the cards, Alfonso Signorini has announced, in fact, that the new entries have currently been frozen due to a suspected Covid case. But they will arrive soon, an unequivocal sign that this edition of the Gf Vip is still very far from its epilogue.

Elizabeth recently was the protagonist of a heated quarrel with Stefania Orlando, and this new revelation, darkly, will not be able to allay her concerns.

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