GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci on Instagram: "I want to get involved"

GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci on Instagram: "I want to get involved"

On Instagram, Elisabetta Gregoraci confirms her participation in the GF Vip and reveals her hopes for the future

Elisabetta Gregoraci turns 40: Flavio Briatore, career and fame on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci confirms her participation in Big Brother Vip on Instagram. Flavio Briatore's ex wife told on social media that she is ready to face this new adventure. “As always, I speak to you with my heart in my hand and without filters – he confessed -, I am ready to have this new experience and I hope to have all your support. I want to get involved to introduce you to the real Eli even more. Even if many of you have been following me for a long time and have known me deeply, I would like what I am to also reach the homes of those who do not know me. I hope I have all your love! It will be a tough experience, let's keep our fingers crossed! ".

A few days ago Gregoraci had revealed on the pages of the weekly magazine Chi the choice to cross the red door. The showgirl will be in the cast of the reality show that will return in September, hosted by Alfonso Signorini. “They've been courting me for this kind of program for many years, maybe a dozen – he said -, and I've always said no. This year I accepted mainly for one reason, which is Alfonso Signorini. His Gf Vip is not just a reality show, but it is a great variety where competitors can get naked without fear ".

The showgirl had then confirmed the rumors about the doubts of Flavio Briatore, her ex-husband, in the face of participation in the GF Vip. "Flavio, I must tell the truth, was a bit perplexed – he confessed -. But then we talked about it together, I explained to him that I wanted to have this experience and he understood […] Thinking about being away from my son is the most difficult thing, since he was born we have never separated for more than eight days "

In the Cinecittà house, Elisabetta, single after leaving Francesco Bettuzzi, could even fall in love. “I enter the House as a single – he explained -, but I don't rule out falling in love even if it wouldn't be the best, but it would be foolish to exclude it because it would mean taking away the chance of surprising you. In recent years, love has hurt me a little, but I am someone who lives for this feeling, it is the engine of our life and I want to get excited again ".

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