GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci sheds light on the relationship with Pretelli. Francesca Pepe argues with everyone

GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci fa chiarezza sul rapporto con Pretelli. Francesca Pepe litiga con tutti

Between strong clashes, of which the protagonist is always Francesca Pepe, the harmony between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Pierpaolo Pretelli grows

Days of clashes at Big Brother Vip 5. After a start in which the competitors seemed to get along perfectly, strong clashes animated Italy's most spied on. There was also no lack of gossip, digs and strategies.

To make almost all the competitors nervous, with her attitudes, Francesca Pepe. The model, in the last week has quarreled several times with her roommates, in particular with Stefania Orlando, Tommaso Zorzi, Adua Del Vesco and Dayanne Mello. To defend the girl, thus, Alfonso Signorini intervened:

From what I see – said the conductor – at times you seem like a pack bullying its prey. You are all cohesive against her.

The VIPs tried to defend themselves from Signorini's accusations, stating that they were unable to interact with Pepe and integrate her into the group despite having spoken to her several times to make her understand her mistakes:

We all – said Orlando – we tried to explain to her, to go to meet her, make her understand, or to be on her side. She pretends to understand, she also says “thanks for the advice”, but after five minutes she forgets everything you say to her.

On Francesca Pepe's side also Antonella Elia, who openly condemned the behavior of the other competitors, especially the more aggressive ones, and the public, who voted to save her from elimination.

Not just quarrels. Inside the House, a flirtation between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Pierpaolo Pretelli was also born. The two are getting closer and closer and if the showgirl seems to be more restrained, the former velino has openly admitted that he has feelings for her, but also that he is blocked by her reticence.

Absolutely nothing is happening – Gregoraci tried to deny -. He is really cute, he has these doe eyes when he looks at me. He's a good boy, very healthy.

For Elizabeth, however, her ex-husband continues to be a very present figure. Alfonso, in fact, showed her a photo published by Flavio Briatore on his Instagram profile, in which he appears in the company of Naomi Campbell. Gregoraci said she was not jealous of the Black Venus at all and wanted to live her life.

Elisabetta, then, together with Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini, received a rebuke from Alfonso Signorini for having ironically, in a not very delicate way, about the confession made by Gabriel Garko in the previous episode.

After alliances, friendships and, above all, rivalries, will love also be born in the house of Big Brother Vip? Will Elisabetta Gregoraci be able to open her heart to the sweet Pretelli?

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