GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci writes to Pretelli's ex after the episode

Elisabetta Gregoraci

After the last episode of "GF Vip", Gregoraci decided to write to Ariadna Romero, Pretelli's former partner

GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves the house to make the Christmas tree with Nathan Falco

The latest episode of Big Brother Vip again saw Elisabetta Gregoraci as the protagonist, who joined Pierpaolo Pretelli in the most spied on house in Italy for a confrontation.

After the discontent that emerged following the showgirl's abandonment of the game, the two finally cleared up, leaving behind misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

And while Pretelli continues his adventure inside the Cinecittà loft, increasingly determined to enjoy the experience, after the end of the episode, Gregoraci wrote to Ariadna Romero, Pierpaolo's ex-partner and mother of his son who, always in the during the last episode, she showed up outside the house to greet him and to bring him news of Leonardo, their child.

It was the Cuban model and actress who revealed it via Instagram stories. Right after the last episode of the show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, the two exchanged messages, as Romero revealed:

I was tempted to publish a screen but for privacy I preferred not to. Elisabetta Gregoraci wrote to me. It was neither due nor taken for granted. It was a wonderful moment of complicity between women, that famous "female solidarity" that everyone talks about but that very few put into practice.

Ariadna wanted to keep the content of the messages for herself, but she showed she really appreciated the showgirl's gesture:

She was a disarming cuteness and sweetness, and not in front of the cameras but exchanging private messages with a girl she has never seen. True messages, because they are ours alone, without proving anything to anyone. It is useless to continue talking, a small gesture that can say so much about the person he is. Elisabetta, I liked you immediately and I must say that I saw well.

Despite the criticisms and gossips, Gregoraci still tried to really care about Pierpaolo. A "special" friendship that apparently had the "blessing" also from Pretelli's former partner.

And after all, Gregoraci was very excited when the model reviewed the video of her son Leonardo. “He sees you as a superhero” Ariadna said, while Pierpaolo couldn't hold back his tears during the broadcast.

Ariadna Romero, the story on Instagram

Ariadna Romero. Source: Instagram

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