GF Vip, explosive start: Elia teases Gregoraci and De Blanck. The Brandi enchants

Antonella Elia

Crackling debut for Big Brother Vip 5: Antonella Elia steals the show from competitors and collides with De Blanck. Matilde Brandi is gorgeous

An explosive debut episode for Big Brother Vip 5. For this edition, Alfonso Signorini, who has been confirmed at the helm of the program, has chosen an exceptional cast. In the studio, in the role of commentators, Pupo and Antonella Elia who, taking off the role of competitor, is ready to analyze the dynamics of the show with her pungent spirit.

A special start for the fifth edition of the VIP version, which happens just twenty years after the beginning of the reality show in its classic version. A success story, that of Big Brother, which Signorini is determined to carry on.

On September 14, 2000 – said the host – the first episode of Big Brother was broadcast, an extraordinary event and program that revolutionized the way of doing television. Today, exactly after twenty years, we begin this new journey. A new journey but always the same, because the desire to get excited, to know, to smile, to have fun is exactly that of twenty years ago.

The first competitor to cross the red door was Matilde Brandi, very elegant and beautiful with a black dress of lace, feathers, tulle and transparencies. The showgirl, in her first experience with a reality show, got excited thanks to a tender message from her daughters Aurora and Sofia.

Thus, Brandi was the first to show the new Casa del Grande Fratello, similar in structure to that of past editions, but renewed in the furnishings and, above all, in the colors. Present, as always, some secret rooms, which will be revealed during the episodes. Matilde was then joined by her first traveling companions.

The show continued under the banner of joy and laughter. The harmony between Pupo and Elia is undeniable, who with their ironic, at least for the moment, antagonism, animated the episode and supported Signorini in running it. And the commentator is the real star of the program: volcanic, irreverent and outspoken, she managed to steal the show from the participants. And, with some of them, there was no lack of some small clashes.

After pointing out to Dayane Mello that he copied her dress color, Elia had a brief bickering with Patrizia De Blanck. The object of the nice quarrel? The affection of Alfonso Signorini, who found himself disputed between the two. The same also teased, even before her entry, even Elisabetta Gregoraci, showing herself jealous of the appreciations addressed to her by Pupo.

In short, there are no doubts: Antonella, who also talked about her private life admitting that she still loves Pietro Delle Piane, will be able to create many dynamics while remaining outside the Big Brother house. The show, right from the start, proved to be crackling and promises twists. Will VIPs be able to make themselves known and appreciated by the public? And, above all, will they be able to avoid Elijah's cutting jokes?

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