GF Vip, Flavia Vento out of the house after 24 hours: the penalty and the fee

Flavia Vento

After the choice of Flavia Vento to leave the GF Vip 24 hours after entering the House, the question of fees and penalties remains open

Flavia Vento left the GF Vip house 24 hours after her entrance and the public wonders if there will be a penalty for her, but above all if she will receive the fee for her participation. During the first episode of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, the showgirl walked through the red door with a mermaid dress after a short sketch in front of the cameras. A few hours later, however, she began to feel a strong discomfort due to the lack of her dogs to which she is very attached.

Flavia burst into tears and the attempts of the other competitors were useless to convince her to stay in the game. “I've never left them alone, it's the first time – he confessed when talking about dogs -. I feel they need me ”. While Matilde Brandi consoled her, Patrizia De Blanck was furious, trying to make her understand that she was making a mistake: "Do you realize what a fool you are doing? – thundered -. But then the money? Are you just one day? Don't say you've tried it, one day is not enough. Then it's not just the money, it's the figure you make. You shouldn't have come in here. Stay at least 1 week or ten days to say you can't take it anymore. Don't tell her she's right, she doesn't, she shouldn't have come here. This one makes people laugh at all over Italy […] In my opinion you used the excuse of dogs because you have already broken to stay here ”.

The speech, however, did not help and in the night Flavia Vento left the House of Big Brother Vip. What does the contract signed with the production company foresee in these cases? According to FanPage reports, the showgirl may not receive any cachet for the hours spent in the House. A choice that would be linked to the costs incurred by production for each competitor who crosses the red door. In fact, in the days preceding the start of the reality show all the VIPs were hosted in hotels and subjected to various tampons. A different speech concerns the penalties that are usually present in the contracts signed by the competitors of the GF Vip. The figures vary depending on the situation and are linked to the reasons for leaving the show.

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