GF Vip, Francesco Oppini and sexist phrases: no disqualification and Parietti goes against her son


Twist at the "GF Vip": Francesco Oppini has not been disqualified even if Alba Parietti has lined up against him

In the Casa del Grande Fratello Vip, tension is sky high and, bet after episode, new balances and various alignments are outlined.

What emerged clearly, right from the start of the episode, is the climate of open war between Francesco Oppini and Dayane Mello. The two tenants in the first few weeks seemed to have a certain feeling, but after some time between the two the relations seem to have cracked, so much so that during the last episode the two mentioned each other.

But to attract the attention of the public, already in recent days, were the unhappy phrases pronounced by the son of Alba Parietti first on the Brazilian model and then on Flavia Vento. While there was talk of a dinner that the competitors should have had once the program was over, Francesco said about Dayane: “In Verona they rape her”. Immediately realizing the slip, he tried to correct himself, adding: “But in the good sense, because they disturb you”.

After the unhappy exit on the roommate, after a few hours, Oppini made another slip, talking about Flavia Vento: "A woman like this you risk beating her … Look at those like this, I think some men make me want to get up hands ”, he confessed to Tommaso Zorzi, who was trying to stem his friend.

The sexist jokes obviously were the subject of discussion during the episode: Alfonso Signorini in fact showed Francesco and his fellow adventurers the moments in which they were uttered, offering him the opportunity to apologize to the interested parties.

Oppini obviously tried to justify himself, arguing that those were "jokes" extrapolated from broader and more articulated discussions. But pursued by Signorini and realizing the gravity of his statements, Francesco admitted: “Yes, it's true, I'm not defensible and I did a great fuck. And I would accept the disqualification because I deserve it ".

The conductor then wanted to make Oppini also listen to the words written on the social networks by his mother, who on more than one occasion had come out in defense of her son. This time Alba Parietti wanted to totally disassociate herself from Francesco's statements:

If Francesco really made jokes (that came badly) and offended two ladies for the sake of convivial jokes, it does not matter what the context was, because they are phrases that are not said and offend women in general and touch on issues that should not never allow joking. He has to apologize without much justification, whether there was any or not is totally irrelevant. We must always apologize if we offend the sensitivity of someone and a category of people too often harassed.

Parietti, always at the forefront in the defense of women, also added: "The context and the joking tone are not sufficient alibis, we are on television and an important example passes by".

What is surprising is the decision of Big Brother: the program has in fact decided not to take measures against Oppini and therefore spare him the disqualification. Yet – both in this edition, as in the case of Denis Dosio, and in past seasons – many other competitors have been expelled from the House.

A decidedly difficult episode for Signorini, who also had to clash with Paolo Brosio, who used very ambiguous language within the House. Without forgetting Maria Teresa Ruta, who had to defend herself from the accusations of her husband Roberto's ex-wife, who in Barbara D’Urso's living room blamed the showgirl for having wrecked her marriage.

And the Neapolitan presenter intervened, in telephone connection, for a telephone joke to the Countess De Blanck. A gesture that, after a bit of tension, brought a smile back into the house.

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