GF Vip, Giulia Salemi in tears: Pierpaolo Pretelli consoles her

GF Vip, Giulia Salemi in tears: Pierpaolo Pretelli consoles her

In the House of the "GF Vip" Giulia Salemi let herself be taken by despair but found Pretelli ready to console her

In the House of Big Brother Vip, emotions are the master: amidst quarrels, clashes and tensions, some tenants also show signs of subsidence. It was the case of Giulia Salemi who burst into tears, while Pretelli immediately ran to comfort her.

While all the other "Vippos" were intent on laughing and joking, the influencer stepped aside, giving vent to her discouragement. "I would like to be in control of my person," Salemi confessed to the former velino of Striscia La Notizia.

The influencer, who is emotionally troubled these days, revealed to Pierpaolo that he feels great discomfort: "I feel anguish. It will be Christmas, it will be the tree, seeing the happiness of others … I have many thoughts, nightmares at night, then there is the confessional, the stories of others. I thought I got over this GF stuff. "

Giulia speaking with Pretelli explained that she makes constant comparisons between her private life and that of the other tenants. A confrontation that seems to hurt Salemi, who continues to rethink the bonds and relationships of her life.

In his long outburst with Pierpaolo, the influencer admitted that he also suffered in friendships: "It's always me who's looking for my friends, it's always me who gives myself more in the relationship and then I feel bad. I'm tired". Her career as an influencer led her to show herself for what she is not, and when she seemed to understand who she was, the experience at Big Brother led her to question everything.

Pierpaolo always listens to her, who has tried to give her advice and help her, but her discomfort seems to be profound: “I see that you have wives, girlfriends and children waiting for you… I have a million people who follow me but then I'm alone. In the end, besides my father and my mother – who do not speak to each other and hate each other – and Matteo I have no one ”.

The former velino tried to comfort her by making her understand that she understood well how she could feel, recalling the relationship with Ariadna Romero: "It's true, I have a son who fills my heart, but in the end I find myself at home alone. I had envisioned a family with her and it was not possible. Believe me that even today it is something that I have not been able to overcome. But you have such a sociable side and you have to know how to use it ”.

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