GF Vip: Gregoraci against Selvaggia. Pretelli: "What I felt is fading"

Elisabetta Gregoraci

At the "GF Vip", Pierpaolo Pretelli confesses that he no longer feels strong feelings for Elisabetta Gregoraci

At GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci quarrels with Selvaggia Roma and Pierpaolo Pretelli cools down towards her, revealing that he no longer feels strong feelings for her. In fact, it seems that the former velino has already changed his mind about the showgirl. "Today what I felt is fading, I no longer have that thing – he confessed to Zelletta and Enock -: I look for it less and less, we hug less and less because I have decelerated a lot".

The new tenant of the House is putting a strain on the patience of the showgirl who does not like the closeness with the former veil of Striscia, but above all the words towards him. Selvaggia has in fact criticized Gregoraci several times, accusing her of using the model to stay in the Cinecittà loft.

Even in Cucurio with Pierpaolo, Roma have spared no criticism of Flavio Briatore's ex-wife. A behavior that Elisabetta did not like, who was furious: "This one here, the latest arrival, broke the boxes – thundered -. I'm calling Pier and I hear this talking and saying things about me. Not even greets you, I talked to her and not even answered me. He too… that's enough. I broke my asses. He's allowed himself to talk about me for three hours. What did I do to this boy? I did nothing. He said that I take him for the c ** o, that I make him suffer … Enough, we found a balance. She came here to break us. For me it can break until the end of the program, but in moderation ”.

Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth faced her rival directly. During the dinner the two women clashed: “You speak of respect – said Gregoraci – when you came here to tell that you had had affairs with Pierpaolo and Enock. You don't even know what respect means. Be your Big Brother without talking about me, can you? Tell me things to my face ”. Selvaggia did not remain silent: “You are acting. You are built. Bella- he replied -. You disrespected me and yelled at me ”. Briatore's ex did not allow herself to be intimidated: "Bella? My name is Elisabetta, not 'beautiful'. I was very kind, I also offered you tiramisu – she said -. You are ridiculous. If you came here to do this show, don't attack ”.

The quarrel went on for about an hour with Selvaggia Roma who even went as far as packing her bags, while Gregoraci was also angry with Pierpaolo, guilty of not taking his side.

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