GF Vip, Gregoraci lashes out against former roommates (but it's a joke)

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the former manager attacks her: "Su Briatore lies"

Elisabetta Gregoraci on Instagram criticizes the other tenants of the "GF Vip", but it is a joke

Elisabetta Gregoraci lashes out against the former tenants of the GF Vip, but it is a joke of the hyenas. In recent days, Flavio Briatore's ex wife had surprised everyone, posting on Instagram some not very nice comments against the VIPs with whom he had shared the experience in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Elisabetta had criticized Sonia Lorenzin, Francesco Oppini, Enock Barwuah, Matilde Brandi and Giacomo Urtis, reveal the background and post caustic comments.

It all started with a message. “Hi guys, I have reached the limit… Now I remove the stakes”, wrote Gregoraci, attacking Alba Parietti's son: “Guess who is that fake friend, who keeps you good just to sell you the cars”, he explained. Then it was Matilde Brandi's turn: Elisabetta published a photo of the showgirl explaining that “true friendship is a very different thing”. Under another shot with Giacomo Urtis and Sonia Lorenzin the comment appeared: “God makes them and then couples them”. Finally an attack on Enock, brother of Mario Balotelli: "Stop writing to me … Otherwise I publish everything you write to me".

Immediately the followers suspected that a hacker was behind the words of Elisabetta Gregoraci. "I read you and I see that everyone tells me that they hacked me … In 2021 if someone says what they think they must be hacked ?!" she replied. Shortly after, however, the mystery was revealed: the showgirl in fact admitted that she was the victim of a joke of the Hyenas, made with the complicity of Francesco Oppini and Matilde Brandi, friends and former tenants of the GF Vip.

“An absurd, hallucinating thing happened to me – he confessed -. It's The Hyenas who made a joke on me ”. Gregoraci admitted that she had spent difficult hours due to the fake attacks against her former adventure mates at GF Vip. "I thought my profile had been hacked – he revealed -. Stories have been published that I would never have posted. I was very bad, I started to cry ”. A bad adventure for Elisabetta, which viewers will discover better in the next episode of the Hyenas, broadcast on Italia Uno.

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