GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli and the bond with Baudo: “I would leave the house for him”

GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli and the bond with Baudo: "I would leave the house for him"

Katia Ricciarelli, before entering the house of the “GF Vip”, spoke about her relationship with Pippo Baudo

GF Vip 6: the official cast

His adventure at Big Brother Vip has just begun, but his participation has already caused discussions during the weeks before the beginning of the reality show. Katia Ricciarelli was the first announced official competitor of the broadcast: always direct and outspoken, the opera singer immediately promised sparks within the show.

Interviewed by Fatto Quotidiano, Ricciarelli revealed that she is not at all worried that her presence on the reality show could affect a long career like hers, between opera, cinema, TV and theater: “I’m not a snob, on the contrary, I always I privileged contact with the public rather than acting like a diva ”, she admitted.

After all, the intention of Ricciarelli to GF Vip is to get involved and have fun: “I don’t give a damn about winning”, he assured. “Maybe to someone I will seem boring and austere but it is not so: there is a strong ironic side, I laugh at myself, I know my faults and I joke about them. Then maybe the worst will come out: it depends on how you start and where you end up, ”he told the newspaper.

The artist said she was ready for the mechanisms of the program: between reunion and confrontations that could bring out pieces of her past, Katia Ricciarelli revealed that she is an open book and that she is not afraid of surprises. What if Pippo Baudo arrives? “Perhaps! Throw your arms around his neck – he confessed -. We met at the Verona Arena in 2019: we were seated at the distance of an armchair and I remember that without even speaking we got up and hugged each other “.

The opera singer, on the other hand, did not hide the fact that relations with her ex-husband are now closed, but it is clear that the bond has never been broken. “There is no attendance and it is normal that this is the case. I don’t believe those who say “a pat on the back and we’re friends like before”. But how do you do it after eighteen years of love? It would be ridiculous to have dinner together. It is enough for me to know that I am there for him and that he could be there for me ”.

An affection that has never subsided, despite the past years: “Things may not have worked out but I have the utmost esteem and immense respect for Pippo. I wish him well and if I could do something for him, I would also leave the House “.

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