GF Vip, Lulu jealous of Sophie: Manuel is fed up and pushes her away

GF Vip, Lulu jealous of Sophie: Manuel is fed up and pushes her away

The two are increasingly distant and the swimmer tries to make it clear that he doesn’t like certain attitudes

At GF Vip Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Hailé Selassié are no longer able to live their relationship peacefully. The swimmer in recent days has particularly distanced himself from the princess, annoyed by some of her attitudes that have made him feel oppressed.

But in the last few hours the distance has become evident and Manuel even preferred to avoid any confrontation with the roommate, who instead was constantly trying to talk to him.

GF Vip, Manuel rejects Lulu

The last episode of the soap concerning Manuel and Lulù took place on Sunday, during one of the parties organized by Big Brother inside the House. During the party, the swimmer appeared a little down in the dumps and was standing in the garden with Aldo Montano, when Lulù approached to talk: in front, however, he found a wall, with the young man who pushed her away to talk. avoid confrontation.

Lulu’s jealousy of Sophie

During the same party Lulu took Sophie aside to ask her not to get close to Manuel Bortuzzo. Codegoni explained that she has no intention of getting in the way, but that she was simply sorry to have noticed that Manuel was standing on the sidelines during the party and had tried to involve him.

“But I do it. This makes me very anxious, because I already have so many problems in my life. This situation gives me peace of mind and I want it only for myself. If you can avoid this because it hurts me very badly ”, was Lulu’s reply.

Manuel and Lulù, the definitive confrontation (perhaps)

In a moment of relaxation, then, Lulù managed to approach Manuel and express all her insecurities to him due to the sudden change in the swimmer’s attitude towards him. “I am understanding, but there are attitudes of yours that annoy me and I turn away. The way you do it makes my pa ** dry and, I swear to you, I don’t even want to. It’s been like this since we’ve been in here. […] You tell me ‘Come on, let’s talk for two minutes’, no leave me alone. Do you want to live peacefully? So start not to break my cog *** ni for these things here ”, was the harsh reply of the gieffino, who subsequently wanted to clarify how at this moment he does not want any relationship that goes beyond simple friendship and coexistence.

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