GF Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo and the first thoughts away from Lulu (which move us)

Manuel Bortuzzo

After leaving the house of GF Vip, Manuel entrusts a love letter to Lulu to social media that excites us

GF Vip 6: the official cast

GF Vip 6: the official cast

His exit from Big Brother Vip had been announced, Manuel Bortuzzo with the extension of the reality show could not have continued on his path. The reasons had been provided by his father, who had explained that the swimmer had lost a lot of weight in recent weeks, had lost muscle mass, hence the need to return to his workouts in order to get back in shape.

His journey in the most spied house in Italy was important, also marked by love. With Lulù it wasn’t always easy, especially at the beginning it wasn’t all pink and white. But in the last period something has changed and an important feeling has blossomed, which has excited inside and outside the house. And it was Manuel Bortuzzo, who came out of the house of the GF Vip, who wanted to express his deepest thoughts by entrusting them to Instagram. A real love letter came out of it that makes us move.

Manuel Bortuzzo and his first thoughts away from Lulu

Two shots that portray them kissing and hugging each other. And if there were no words, the profound feeling that Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Selassié have built in recent months already emerges from them. But he wanted to accompany them with a letter written with the heart, capable of moving and deeply touching. Not only his partner, but also of the many fans who, during their stay in the house of the two, immediately cheered for them.

Manuel, in fact, wrote: “I’ve been here with the phone in my hand for I don’t even know how much to look for the right words to write and I can’t find them, maybe I don’t want to find them? Maybe I’d just like to say thank you, tell you that I love you and that I already miss you so much. What have we been? Of everything … for better or for worse what matters is that we have been true. It will be impossible to fill the void I have inside, that space inside me that only you fill so well … I will listen to this silence and in him I will find our memories our words in which to relive our world. You are Lulu life, mine. “.

And these thoughts have touched the hearts of the fans, especially those who have seen them true all along the path made in the reality show. A sometimes tortuous path, but which led them to find important, unique and special feelings in each other.

Manuel Bortuzzo and friendship with Montano

Of the close ties that Manuel Bortuzzo had in the GF Vip’s house, the one built with Aldo Montano was also profound, and under these words he wanted to comment: “Welcome aboard, treasure”. A true, unique friendship that illuminated this edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. And that could be summed up in the words that Aldo Montano wrote for Manuel and that he shared on his Instagram profile.

“Dear Manuel, Last night I really failed for words! I just wanted to hug you tightly and see you back at home!
Now you have your life to take back in hand, you have many goals to reach and you have to try to transform your serenity into happiness. Inside the Casa del GF you have found love and friendship and you have understood that you can do many things that you were afraid of before. Take with you all that you have found good in this experience and use the falls and the negative as a life lesson.
Come on Manuel, yesterday crossing that red door you opened a new chapter of your life, all to be written!
I will be by your side ”.

Love, friendship and great teachings, perhaps these are the three words that could tell the journey that Manuel Bortuzzo has made within the GF Vip. A journey that made him win the hearts of viewers.

Manuel Bortuzzo the words for Lulù

Manuel Bortuzzo, on Instagram the words for Lulù

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