GF Vip: Matilde Brandi has no brakes for everyone, but then she gets excited

GF Vip, Brandi in tears, De Blanck undertone: report cards of the fourth episode

Inside the House of GF Vip the competitors are increasingly fierce and the squabbles are not lacking

The atmosphere in the House of Big Brother Vip becomes increasingly tense, and every little disagreement can turn into a real declaration of war. Alfonso Signorini once again tried to placate the spirits, especially when Matilde Brandi and Maria Teresa Ruta found themselves at loggerheads again.

The long-awaited episode of the GF Vip really started with a bang: just a few minutes were enough to spark a heated quarrel between two of this edition's most aggressive competitors. Brandi lashed out at Maria Teresa Ruta, who had accused her of wanting to pretend to argue this week, only to blame Guenda Goria. "Nine minutes and Matilde has already cracked" – announced Signorini, trying to bring peace again among the tenants. Without much success, it seems: the showgirl even took it out on Antonella Elia, because the columnist took Guenda's side.

The quarrels certainly did not end here, since Brandi always had a rather harsh confrontation with Stefania Orlando. The two women have always been close friends, but in the House it seems that their relationship has cracked, due to some internal dynamics. And what about Tommaso Zorzi's decidedly unsuccessful joke against Francesco Oppini? Although the two have formed a beautiful friendship from the beginning, this little clash risked sending everything upside down.

Luckily the episode then took a much calmer direction. Starting with the curtain between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Pierpaolo Pretelli, whose flirtation has experienced ups and downs until it is confirmed only as a special friendship. The fans – and also many of the House's tenants – would like to finally see them together, but Flavio Briatore's ex has pulled the brakes and seems convinced that she wants nothing more than to be affected by the model.

There were also exciting moments: Adua Del Vesco, who during the week confessed to a very dramatic event in his past, retraced his very touching story in front of the cameras of GF Vip and made everyone burst into tears. While Matilde Brandi was unable to hold back in front of the surprise that Signorini organized for her, that is a meeting with her famous "aperitif friends", and she let herself go into a long cry of emotion and relief.

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