GF Vip, Matilde Brandi in crisis with her partner: "My daughters will stay with me"


After the adventure at the "GF Vip", the showgirl confessed to being in crisis with her partner Marco Costantini

Matilde Brandi, from Bagaglino to GF Vip: career and loves

After the Big Brother Vip adventure, Matilde Brandi's relationship with her partner was put to the test.

The showgirl in fact spoke of a real crisis with Marco Costantini, her partner for seventeen years and the father of her twin daughters born in 2006, named Sofia and Aurora.

Brandi herself had hinted that the relationship had had ups and downs over the years, confessing to the tenants of the GF Vip House that she did not receive enough attention from her partner: "He says I love you a few times", he also admitted to Alfonso Gentlemen. It is no coincidence that in a month and a half of his stay the man never surprised Matilde, as the loved ones of the other reality contestants did.

Evidently, the tensions between the two, which emerged already at the beginning of the Big Brother adventure, worsened upon returning home. In an interview with DiPiù, in fact, the showgirl had said that the accountant to whom she has been linked for many years, was not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​him entering the Cinecittà bunker: "Marco doesn't agree very much – the showgirl confessed -. He is very different from me. He doesn't work in show business. He's a very serious man, so he clearly doesn't approve of my choice ”.

Now to the weekly Nuovo, Brandi has pointed out that the crisis with Marco broke out about a year ago, to the point of irreparably compromising the relationship:

There is no square. There is something wrong. He respects me a lot, he always says I'm a great mother. But we must understand whether certain things can be resolved between us or not. My daughters, however, will stay with me.

Inside the House, Brandi had repeatedly emphasized Marco's introverted character, telling other competitors about the lack of pampering and attention. And he had also confessed to dreaming of marriage:

We didn't think it was necessary. In the past there have been moments of crisis, in which we have also parted. And so we were afraid of getting married, even though it was my dream. However this does not change the fact that we have a beautiful family, for which I have fought so much.

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