GF Vip, mystery Ginevra Lamborghini: he should enter but he is on vacation

GF Vip, mystery Ginevra Lamborghini: he should enter but he is on vacation

Ginevra Lamborghini's entry into the "GF Vip" House is at risk

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Several days ago Alfonso Signorini announced the names of the new competitors of Big Brother Vip, who should enter the House by the end of December. Among these stands Ginevra Lamborghini, Elettra's sister, who would be ready for a new adventure: however her entry now seems to be at risk.

Let's take a step back. In recent weeks, Signorini has revealed to the tenants of the GF Vip the great surprise of this year: the reality show will run until mid-February 2021, so the "Vippos" will spend the Christmas and New Year's parties inside the most spied on of Italy. Of course, in view of another two months in the company of the Channel 5 broadcast, the production had to make some changes – in particular as regards the cast. New competitors have thus been added, who will gradually make their entrance and liven up the atmosphere.

In the past few days it was the turn of Samantha De Grenet, Filippo Nardi and Sonia Lorenzini – and it cannot be said that they did not move the situation, given that Lorenzini was immediately the protagonist of a hard battle with Tommaso Zorzi. Now it's up to other new entries, including Ginevra Lamborghini. But the young woman is currently on vacation in the Dolomites, as some of her stories on Instagram demonstrate. And we know well that the competitors, before entering the house, must undergo a period of isolation in the hotel, so it is inevitable to ask whether his participation is not at risk.

It is possible that Geneva will only make its entrance in January, or that it will forfeit the reality show. In fact, from the very first moments, rumors had leaked that revealed turbulence at the Lamborghini house, precisely because of the girl's decision to take part in the GF Vip. Cristiano Malgioglio, speaking with Alfonso Signorini, allegedly confessed that Elettra Lamborghini was unaware of the news – bringing the difficult relationship between the two sisters back to the surface.

Indeed, as reported by the weekly Chi, Ginevra would have done everything secretly from her family, who discovered the truth only when the young woman's participation was officially announced. In short, his adventure seemed to be hampered already in the bud, and according to the latest news, it is possible that it will end even before starting. With all due respect to the many fans of Elettra who hoped to see her as a guest of the Casa del GF Vip, perhaps for a reconciliation with her sister.

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