GF Vip, Nardi in the storm for vulgarity and sexist phrases: "Disqualify him"


Filippo Nardi, the last to enter the GF Vip House, is at the center of the controversy for his continually ostentatious vulgarity and some sexist phrases against Maria Teresa Ruta. The web asks for disqualification

Filippo Nardi, born in 1969, aristocrat who became famous as a competitor of GF 2 in 2001 and for his outburst in the confessional to the sound of: "Where are my cigarettes", then recycled as a correspondent to the Hyenas and successful DJ, is one of the last entered the Casa del GF Vip. And faithful to the saying: “The wolf loses its fur but not its vice” (the production had to expect it, in fact it may have calculated it well) it has returned to us.

This time it was not his physical and verbal exuberance that ended up in the crosshairs, but the vulgarity constantly exhibited towards the women of the house. Sexual allusions, provocations and in particular some sexist phrases against Maria Teresa Ruta. From "It makes me really throw up" to "If she were the last woman on the face of the earth, just a quickie …", up to the shameful allusion to the practice of "tea bagging" (for those wishing to learn more, just search the net) in her comparisons.

Phrases and behaviors that have not gone unnoticed by the people of the web, who in these hours are asking for his disqualification, claiming that other competitors have been eliminated for much less.

The condemnation is almost unanimous, and the chorus is also joined by voices of industry insiders, such as Gabriele Parpiglia who writes: "I listened to the words of #filipponardi dedicated to #MariaTeresaRuta few words, indeed only one: disqualification!".

On the other hand, if it is true that Signorini pays so much attention to language, respect and education, we wonder how he can remain indifferent to this. And above all, what criteria does the production adopt to select new competitors, outside of paper titles. Since the nobility of lineage does not always go hand in hand with that of soul. Nardi teaches us.

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