GF Vip, new health problems for Manuel Bortuzzo: he could come out

Manuel Bortuzzo

Manuel Bortuzzo could soon leave the “GF Vip” house due to his health conditions

GF Vip 6: the official cast

Manuel Bortuzzo, one of the most loved competitors of this edition of Big Brother Vip, could soon leave the House. The swimmer is suffering from an infection that seems to have returned and for this reason he may be forced to leave the reality show.

Manuel Bortuzzo retires from GF Vip?

There is some concern within the most spied on house in Italy: Manuel Bortuzzo’s health conditions worsened rapidly, so much so that a production doctor was called in.

In fact, the young man was struck by an infection: a condition not uncommon for his condition, but annoying, above all because it would have returned earlier than expected. To make the situation worse, pain even more intense than usual, so much so that Bortuzzo would be genuinely worried about his health.

Before the airing of the new episode, Manuel will be visited by a specialized doctor and, pending the results, it is rumored that the swimmer could decide to leave the Cinecittà loft to avoid worsening his health conditions.

For the third time in the same month the gieffino would have felt intense pain due to the infection and confessed to his adventure companions that shortly before crossing the red door of the Big Brother House, he had undergone an operation for solve the problem. “It is not normal that it is always the same,” admitted Manuel worried.

Manuel Bortuzzo, the words of his father

Just a few weeks ago, Franco Bortuzzo, Manuel’s father – and the one who was closest to him immediately after the shooting he was involved in and who forced him into a wheelchair – spoke about his son’s health conditions. .

Interviewed by Fanpage, the man had focused on Manuel’s malaise, explaining: “The alarm returned yes, he had a simple infection healed with an antibiotic treatment. It is an ordinary problem and it happens often, every 5 or 6 months, it is due to your situation ”.

On that occasion Franco Bortuzzo had also spoken about the choice of the swimmer to stand up: “The physiotherapist advised him. There is a doctor chosen by the production who has seen him a couple of times a week for some time now. It serves him as personal therapy because it helps him with circulation: the more he stands with the weight on his legs, the more the cartilages are strengthened, at home he does it every day, in fact so far I have suffered thinking that he had been stopped for three weeks without getting up “.

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