GF Vip, Patrick attacks Antonella Elia: "I won't apologize"

After the GF Vip, Patrick Ray Pugliese replies to Antonella Elia who attacked him in an interview

Patrick Ray Pugliese will not apologize to Antonella Elia after the GF Vip. This was revealed by the ex gieffino who, during a direct Instagram with the weekly Chi, responded to the showgirl's accusations. As is known, the two had clashed hard during their stay in the Cinecittà house. Antonella had accused Patrick of having pushed her during a discussion, but the recorded images broadcast by Signorini had denied her.

After the reality show, the presenter returned to point her finger at Patrick, regretting having made peace with him during the show. "I shouldn't have forgiven Patrick – he said -. Now that I'm out I think he made a game. For a moment I was part of his game too, then when he pushed me involuntarily, I became his enemy. He said and did very serious things. "

Patrick's response was not long in coming. The entrepreneur, who has participated in the GF several times, has revealed that in the past he has been a huge fan of Non è Rai. "The clash occurred because Antonella has a very complex personality – he revealed -. It is tough, with often very sharp sarcasm. He says heaviness that is sometimes not true. I felt comfortable with her until the untrue accusation of pushing her. Although the cameras proved otherwise, she experienced it as a push. "

“I can't apologize to you and imagine that I pushed you when it wasn't like that – added Patrick Ray Pugliese -. You can also imagine forgiving me since you imagined that you were pushed. The truth is another. I caught her in the act of a lie. I found out that he did the same thing with Mike Bongiorno and Achille Lauro. Either she is smart or it is a continuous psychological defect. However, I have a wonderful memory of Antonella, I would say that now Big Brother Vip has passed and we can go on ".

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