GF Vip, Pierpaolo gets closer to Elisabetta. But Orlando warns him

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Pierpaolo, after a momentary estrangement, rejoins Elisabetta Gregoraci. But Stefania Orlando admits her doubts

The story between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Pierpaolo Pretelli, both currently competitors of the Big Brother Vip 5, continues to attract attention. everyone.

If Pierpaolo, in fact, has always shown himself to be very attracted to Gregoraci and well disposed to undertake a relationship with her that goes beyond the boundaries of friendship, Elisabetta is much more restrained and has affirmed that it is not his intention to give life to a story of love inside the most spied house in Italy.

A sentiment, that of Pierpaolo, not completely reciprocated. Gregoraci, who also seems to appreciate Pretelli's attentions, also admitted that there is also another person thinking about her and waiting for her outside the house.

The unclear attitudes of Gregoraci, who also exchanged some coded messages with Pretelli, did not go unnoticed, to the point that Alfonso Signorini himself, presenter of the reality show, intervened to ask her to give his playmate sincere answers . Extremely confused, however, Pierpaolo, who after a momentary estrangement from Elisabetta has returned to stand next to her serenely, while remaining with some doubts.

Observing the story between Pretelli and Gregoraci, also the other competitors of Big Brother Vip, some of whom intervened to advise their playmates. Among these also Stefania Orlando, who wanted to confront himself with Pierpaolo, admitting his perplexities and trying to warn him:

If I'm not interested in a man, I avoid, I don't give him hope. We all look for the comfort zone here, but you can't just be the comfort zone. […] I have had some doubts. Since we're talking about strategies in here, you can also think it's a game he's playing.

Pierpaolo, however, declared that he has understood many things in these days and, even though he thinks that Elisabetta has someone outside waiting for her, he is convinced that she is not playing with him. Precisely for this reason he retraced his steps to live the story with her day by day.

I don't think it's a game. In recent days – he said – I have understood that it is not.

In short, Pretelli is strongly convinced that something can be born between him and Gregoraci. With his determination, will he be able to conquer it and change his mind to the other Big Brother Vip 5 competitors?

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