GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli in crisis after the quarrel with Elisabetta Gregoraci

GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli in tears tries to leave the House, but is stopped

At "GF Vip", Pierpaolo Pretelli is sad and in crisis after the quarrel with Elisabetta Gregoraci which took place during the last live broadcast

After the quarrel with Elisabetta Gregoraci during the last episode of the GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli is again in crisis. This was revealed by Cristiano Malgioglio who, in the course of a chat with Dayane Mello, said he was very worried about the mood of the former velino of Striscia la Notizia. In fact, during the live broadcast a few days ago Pierpaolo clashed with Elisabetta, present in Alfonso Signorini's studio.

"Look at how that boy is reduced again, he was so happy – said Malgioglio -. I don't like that it's so sad. Mamma Mia". The model then commented: “He'll recover, you'll see. Love will recover, it will recover ”. On the other hand, the confrontation between Pierpaolo and Elisabetta during the episode was rather tough. The show opened with a message from Pretelli for the host. Gregoraci has left the GF Vip House to return to her son Nathan Falco, the fruit of her love for Flavio Briatore.

In the Cinecittà loft, the showgirl had created a very nice relationship with Pierpaolo which never resulted in a love story. The two had parted with a hug, convinced they would meet once outside. Shortly after, however, Pierpaolo confirmed the statements of some tenants who were convinced that Elisabetta's departure had made him "reborn". The words of the gieffino did not like Gregoraci who replied annoyed.

"You played the part of the victim a bit. You played the victim during this time. I found your note. I'm sorry to see a man who made this change after three days of leaving the house ”. Pierpaolo then replied: “Don't talk about me in this way because I suffered and I was ill. Then I recovered. Not two days ago honey, but weeks ago. I got over this, I said I needed to break away from you. I have recovered with my legs and now I start to make my path! It's not true that I don't care about you. So far I have only thought of you and now I think of Pierpaolo ”.

The quarrel, as revealed by Malgioglio, would have put Pierpaolo in crisis, still very close to Elisabetta Gregoraci and sad for the ending of their relationship.

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