GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli in crisis after the release of Giulia Salemi

GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli in crisi dopo l’uscita di Giulia Salemi

After Giulia Salemi leaves the house of the "GF Vip", Pierpaolo Pretelli collapses and lets himself go to tears

Pierpaolo Pretelli collapses after leaving Giulia Salemi's house. The influencer left reality in the last episode of the show. His elimination, which came in the televoting clash against Stefania Orlando, upset the former velino of Striscia who will have to wait a few more weeks to hug the girl he fell in love with in the House.

Pretelli re-read the Valentine's Day card that Giulia had dedicated to him and let himself go to tears. “I'm sorry for her, because maybe she didn't follow the path she wanted – she confessed to Andrea Zenga -. I can't stay in here ”. A path, that of Salemi, marked by continuous clashes with the other tenants of the Cinecittà loft and rather bumpy.

Salemi had vented several times, claiming to feel attacked and not understood. Immediately after leaving the reality show, the influencer wrote a long message on Instagram in which he expressed his feelings. “Here we are – he said – I would have many things to say, but my thoughts are still confused and unclear. It is useless to tell you that I have not slept and it is useless to tell you that I have started reading what the web tells. Do you know what it is? I want to take only the good things with me and let the things that make me feel bad slip on me. What is the use now of talking about things said or written by others, what is the use of talking about televoting, what is the use of pointing out his or her mistakes, what is the use of saying that the authors could do or say? … to nothing ".

“Maybe to make someone still think that I'm the victim… so also no. The game is over and now life will speak – he concluded -. Complaining about the past is for losers. I have won with myself. I won with the people who loved me and still love me and I won with the new ones who didn't know me. I won the respect of a man, his complicity, his attentions, his caresses, his passion, his love ".

All that remains is to wait for Pierpaolo to come out to discover the future of the love story between the two. The model, as is well known, has a special bond with the ex Ariadna Romero, mother of her son Leo who, as she has already stated, will be the first person to hug again after the end of the reality show.

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