GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli rethinks the former Ariadna Romero: "Seeing her made me think"

GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli ripensa all’ex Ariadna Romero: “Vederla mi ha fatto riflettere”

After the meeting in the last episode of "GF Vip", Pierpaolo Pretelli rethinks his former partner Ariadna Romero

In the House of GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli thinks about the former Ariadna Romero and their relationship. The former velino of Striscia la Notizia and the actress lived an intense love story, marked by the birth of their son Leo. After the live fight with Elisabetta Gregoraci, Pierpaolo has lived through difficult moments. The former Ariadna arrived to console him and, with sweetness and a smile, tried to reassure him, also talking about her son.

After the meeting, Pierpaolo told the other tenants of the House that he had reflected a lot on his relationship with Romero. “She is a person who cares about me, she was very very nice, even when we made the video call – he explained -. Strange… unusual, compared to recent times. I was pleased that she came, it stirred my reflections ”. Pretelli did not hide the fact that he thought about the possibility of returning with Ariadna with whom he lived a beautiful love story: "Maybe seeing me here has dusted off the image he has of me … all the beautiful moments together pass through my mind … being here I make three thousand films – he admitted -. I don't know if what I have inside is a lucid and rational thought, or if it is the result of this situation. This is the second time he has returned to me in two and a half years. When I get out I'll have to understand ”.

Not only that, in the Casa del GF Vip, Pierpaolo admitted that he never fell in love with anyone after his farewell to Ariadna Romero. During the reality show, the model got very close to Gregoraci, but admitted that nothing more could have been born with Briatore's ex-wife. "With Elisabetta I tried things that you feel in the beginning – he explained, confiding in Andrea Zelletta and Cristiano Malgioglio -. But when I start having a more intense relationship, I freeze. There is a point where I can't go on. The thing with Elisabetta hasn't really started, but since I've been single – that is, for two and a half years – I've known girls, but then I can't… ”. In the sauna the two friends tried to console him, convinced that Pierpaolo has not yet managed to find the right person, in the meantime his thoughts continue to go to Ariadna.

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