GF Vip: Pretelli and Salemi ever closer, between caresses and looks

GF Vip: Pretelli e Salemi sempre più vicini, tra carezze e sguardi

A few days ago, between Pierpaolo Pretelli and Silvia Salemi, something more seems to have taken place: the convict was the Christmas lunch

Pierpaolo Pretelli struggling with a new special friendship, the one with Giulia Salemi. After the departure of Elisabetta Gregoraci, the stay in the house of the former velino di Striscia, the news continued between ups and downs, between moments of reflection and nostalgia and others of light-heartedness.
Among the positive notes of recent weeks for the young man, certainly the entry into the Cinecittà della Salemi loft, with which he has established a good bond from the very beginning.

The two immediately appeared particularly accomplices, so much so that they immediately attracted the attention of Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando, the two "gossippari" of the House, who have repeatedly noticed how between Pierpaolo and Giulia the feeling is evident.

The party atmosphere seems to have given new impetus to the couple of special friends, who indulged in languid glances and a few caresses during the Christmas lunch, trying to escape the prying eyes of the other roommates and the cameras.

"I can't understand it, it's a particular mood, you attacked me" exclaims Giulia while Pierpaolo, satisfied to see the roommate with a new look, replies: "Really me? But it is a new power then ”.

For weeks the two have tried to silence every rumor about their probable relationship within the House: Salemi, in particular, has always reiterated that she does not want to fall back into the amorous plots wisely woven by Big Brother, as already happened in past.

The model, in fact, in her previous experience as a competitor of the Canale 5 reality show had given birth to a love story with Francesco Monte, which continued for a few months even after the spotlight was turned off. This time, however, Giulia seemed determined to take a different path, for herself, without her name being linked to that of another competitor.

But that there is a feeling between the two seems increasingly evident. Pierpaolo, for his part, is going through a period of indecision. After Elisabetta Gregoraci left the House, in fact, the former velino seemed for a few days almost more relieved and open to making new relationships. But the surprise meeting with his ex Ariadna Romero, mother of his son, seemed to have rekindled a new flame in him. At least until the last implications with Giulia. Who knows what news the special New Year's Eve episode scheduled for December 31st on Canale 5 will reserve for us.

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