GF Vip previews: who are the four new tenants

GF Vip previews: who are the four new tenants

Alfonso Signorini has announced four new entries in the next episode of "GF Vip"

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Big Brother Vip is about to give us new emotions: this extraordinary edition is a succession of surprises and twists, and now Alfonso Signorini is ready to let four other tenants into the Cinecittà House, to move the situation. Who are the protagonists who will expand the cast of the reality show?

During the last episode of GF Vip, the conductor let slip some very juicy advances. In addition to the new extension of the broadcast, which will no longer end in mid-February, but on March 15, 2021, Alfonso Signorini has announced the entry of four new competitors. And if he has already revealed the identity of two of them, the others still have an aura of mystery. Only this evening, during the appointment on Friday 18 December, will we finally be able to find out who will be those who will cross the famous red threshold.

The first name now certain is that of Cecilia Capriotti: the splendid showgirl already boasts numerous television experiences, and has acted on several occasions alongside great Italian actors. In 2018 she was the protagonist of the Island of the Famous, her first adventure in the world of reality TV. Now it is ready to face a new, difficult path inside the most spied-on company in Italy. To cheer for her, her partner Gianluca Mobilia, to whom she has been linked since 2014, and their daughter Maria Isabelle.

Next to Capriotti, a young protagonist of the last edition of Temptation Island is about to enter. We are talking about Carlotta Dell’Isola, who participated in Alessia Marcuzzi's show with her boyfriend Nello. On the island of temptations, the couple faced a moment of great crisis, but in the end the two gave each other a second chance and are now happily together. So much so that she is already ready to face a new adventure.

As for the other two competitors who will be part of the GF Vip, we can only count on some indiscretions. After the exclusion of Ginevra Lamborghini, attention is focused on Andrea Zenga and Mario Ermito. The first, son of the historic goalkeeper Walter Zenga, is famous for having participated in Temptation Island Vip in 2018 together with his girlfriend Alessandra Sgolastra. The two broke up in the spring of 2020.

Mario Ermito is instead an actor who starred in various Italian fiction, as well as being the protagonist of Tale and Which Show in 2018. In the past he had also taken part in Big Brother 12, however his experience lasted just two weeks. Now try again: will it be more successful? The answer in the next episodes of the GF Vip.

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