GF Vip, quarrel between Stefania Orlando and Giulia Salemi: "Just play the victim"

Giulia Salemi and Stefania Orlando quarrel at the "GF Vip" after the statements of the presenter in the episode

New quarrel at GF Vip between Stefania Orlando and Giulia Salemi. After the live broadcast with Alfonso Signorini and a discussion with Pierpaolo Pretelli also linked to Elisabetta Gregoraci, the influencer decided to face the presenter. “You have always had the maximum dialogue with me and I have never allowed myself to judge you – said Giulia, disappointed by some statements made by Stefania in the confessional -. I consider you a trusted person and then I see those clips, in which you mocked me with Pierpaolo after you nominated me. I invested in our friendship, I thought I could trust you ”.

Orlando denied having mocked her. "It was not a mockery but a solution to a situation – he explained -. Do you think I'm going to make fun of you with Pierpaolo, your boyfriend? You know they broadcast what they want to broadcast. I have never spoken badly of you behind your back, I have only expressed an idea about your relationship, which I have always supported even going against Thomas. The truth is that you are just disappointed just because I mentioned you, and I understand you. You're scared of nominations and I can understand you, so don't come and talk to me about friendship. You make it personal – he concluded -. You are having the same reaction that Elisabetta had when I allowed myself to talk about her and Pierpaolo ”.

As had already happened in recent days, Stefania accused the Instagram star of behaving like a victim and having a suffocating attitude even in the relationship with Pierpaolo. Giulia sought a confrontation with Stefania and the presenter was angry at the accusations received. "You want to throw mud on me but I don't accept it – he thundered -. Yours is a broken record. I made the nomination based on reports that were solid at the time. I haven't turned my back on you. It bothers me that you try to pass yourself off as a victim at all costs. When you want you are not a victim. It suits you to be the victim. You are heavy, how heavy ".

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