GF Vip, Raffaella Fico sues Soleil: three things that (perhaps) you missed

Soleil Sorge

The former competitor has returned to the House to communicate his decision to Soleil, while Manuel is overwhelmed with criticism: the highlights of the episode

GF Vip 6: the official cast

Another fast-paced episode that of GF Vip, which on October 29 saw a new clash between Raffaella Fico and Soleil Sorge, but was also – perhaps for the first time – criticized the behavior of Manuel Bortuzzo towards Lulu and we saw a rather tired Katia Ricciarelli, but still able to tell anecdotes about her past.

The eliminated of the episode is Ainett Stephens, who leaves the House after a particularly touching moment in which he spoke of his autistic son. If you missed the evening, here you can find some of the best moments you will hear about this week.

Raffaella Fico sues Soleil

Raffella Fico was sent back to the House for a face to face with Soleil, who had “greeted” her in an inelegant way at the time of elimination. What the authors intended to be a heated confrontation, however, was in reality a flash in the pan, whose fuse heated the minds in the studio. The Fico has in fact hinted that it does not want to discuss the matter blatantly and that it has given a mandate to the lawyers to bring Soleil to court: “I have nothing to add. The statements he made are very serious, we are not evaluating him. It will be done in the appropriate locations, ”he said.

“Would you like to report me? Honey but you don’t even know the law then if you think you can do something like that for a joking term, ”was Soleil’s reply, who laughed in response. Meanwhile, in the studio, during the commercials, Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe had an opposite exchange of views on the term used by Soleil towards Raffaella (that bi ** h, which certainly is not a compliment), who once returned attacked Bonolis’s wife: “You are a mother and you are on live TV… My daughter speaks English and knows what it means. If we want to throw it in caciara let’s have a laugh, but it’s not like that. You should understand, instead you insist on pretending you don’t want to understand ”.

Manuel Bortuzzo criticized for the kiss with Lulu

In recent days, Manuel and Lulù have reunited and recovered the complicity of the very first weeks. However, this made the audience suspicious at home and made the commentators in the studio turn up their noses, who explicitly asked the swimmer not to make fun of the girl.

“I told her that the best thing will be outside, now it’s something that is good for you, so if it is good, why not. You have respected the times. When a person who loves you is close to you and you love them, it is difficult to be an asshole, because I’m not like that ”, he defended himself. “Please don’t fool her. In the previous weeks you have fought to remove her, she has suffered from it, she is a girl who has great frailties. Pay attention, because when you entered you said that you would not want discounts and I do not give them and I tell you things as they are ”, was the comment of Adriana Volpe.

Katia Ricciarelli and the flirtation with Alberto Sordi

“He sent me a hundred red roses. I met him at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, he came to hear me. He liked me. We had a flirt “. This is how Katia Ricciarelli told of the short relationship she had with Alberto Sordi when they were very young.

“I was a little girl he came to pick me up to take me to dinner. I liked his laugh. He loved to sing and we always did duets together ”, he said, admitting then that the flirtation would end when he was already dating Josè Carreras, but“ Alberto Sordi’s charm was too strong ”, he concludes.

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