GF Vip, Rosalinda and Andrea Zenga close: kiss touched

GF Vip, Rosalinda e Andrea Zenga vicini: bacio sfiorato

Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zenga at the "GF Vip" touch the kiss and the actress makes a choice about her boyfriend

Touched kiss between Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zenga in the House of GF Vip. By now the actress and Walter Zenga's son are no longer able to hide the strong attraction that exists between them. Thanks to the romantic evening of Valentine's Day, Rosalinda and Andrea allowed themselves some cuddles on the bed, between hugs and looks in which the feeling between them was clear. The two struggled to break away and were one step away from kissing before being interrupted by the other competitors.

“This is block 1”, laughed Stefania Orlando, assuming that we will talk about the link between the competitors during the live broadcast with Signorini. Shortly after, Dayane Mello and Tommaso Zorzi reunited with Rosalinda and Andrea, chatting with them and making fun of them. In recent days, Zenga had revealed his feelings for her to Cannavò and the actress appeared very torn. Outside the GF Vip house, in fact, Giuliano is waiting for her, a boyfriend to whom she has been linked for over ten years.

Even before Zenga's entry into the reality show, Rosalinda had questioned the bond, so much so that she did not immediately accept the boy's cohabitation proposal. After the kiss touched Cannavò vented with Stefania Orlando, dissolving in tears.

"There is no more room for interpretation – she said referring to her boyfriend -. I don't know if unfortunately or fortunately. It doesn't depend on him, it all depends on me. At the base there are my doubts, which are now becoming aware ". The girl spoke openly about the crisis with Giuliano. “But it's difficult in here. It would be difficult even outside but here it is even more difficult – he revealed -. Andrea was that extra thing that made me understand that those doubts were well founded, that there is something wrong with me. If my story were stable, safe, for my conception no man would move me anything ". Thanks to the bond with Zenga, Rosalinda has now appeared convinced about her love story. “I swear to you that I never wanted it to happen in here – he confessed to Orlando -. But it's been five months. One account is two or three months, but five months… ".

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